How To Use An Agile Development Approach When Working With An Outsourced WordPress Developer?

Agile development with outsourcing

Are you hiring WordPress developers for your enterprise website? Well, there are various challenges associated with custom WordPress development projects, and often while working with outsourced developers, these problems become bigger. From maintaining the budget to the timely completion of the project to meeting the release dates to managing allocation of tasks, there are too many challenges associated with WordPress projects. To meet these challenges, often Agile methodology appears to be the ideal solution.

Let’s understand various aspects of using agile development methodology for outsourcing WordPress projects.

What Exactly is an Agile Development Methodology?

What is Agile Methodology

Before you decide to go for agile development, it is important to know what agile methodology is and its key characteristics. Agile refers to a more flexible and fluid development process focused on continuous improvement with a short cycle of development referred to as sprints.

The time span for each sprint is two to four weeks, and cumulatively, they facilitate a highly productive flow of development. This is bound to happen since, at the end of each sprint, problems, and errors can be detected and addressed. This allows developers to address issues throughout the development process instead of doing the same at the end of the entire development process. This smaller and incremental delivery of work and problem solving helps keep the project on the right track and maintain optimum output.

Now let us have a look at the key considerations for using an agile development approach when outsourcing WordPress developers for your project.

Give Emphasis to the Problem Discovery Phase

The first principle is to investigate the problems and errors in the project so that solutions can be found throughout the development project. You need to approach the WordPress developer team with minute details of the problems and issues and accordingly make plans for solving them proactively in every sprint.

The problems and tasks can correspond to the need to include a new feature or any non-performing feature or other issues. The developers need to categorize these problems, make a list of requirements, find out causes, and various factors through a highly readable document. This discovery phase of any WordPress development project needs to be emphasized.

Evaluating Remedies of the Problems

As soon as the problems and issues are detected and identified, and the project requirements are well documented and shared by the developers with you, you need to consider this document as the starting point to address the issues. Now the outsourced WordPress developers will analyze each issue and errors and accordingly find the befitting solutions for each of them. When finding solutions, the developers need to sort out the most credible and effective solution for each problem.

You also need to consider other constraints like budget and technology expertise. Not all solutions can fit every development requirement and budget. You have to find a solution that also fits your budget and available tech skills besides meeting other crucial requirements.

Splitting the Project into Shorter Sprints

What is Agile Methodology

After the problems are listed, and the solutions are chosen, it is time for the developers to break the entire project into shorter life cycle sprints. For each sprint, there should be specific developer objectives and milestones to achieve. When a solution is chosen, WordPress developers just delegate the solutions meaningfully across shorter sprints for effectively addressing the problems where they belong. 

At the end of each cycle, testing will be carried out to evaluate the final outcome of the solutions and to see whether the concerning problem has been adequately addressed or not. By taking a proactive part in the development process, you actually help evaluate the project better.

Breaking the Estimated Cost and Time of Project 

Most software development projects offer cost quotes and a timeline for the entire project. With an agile development approach, it is quite different. Here the cost and time estimate will be given in parts instead of providing the same for the whole project at a time. For your WordPress website, developers will give you an estimated development cost and timing for the initial phase, followed by the estimates for successive phases.

While as a client you may have the challenge of facing a vague situation in which the total cost of development and timing of the project largely remain unknown, this also puts the onus on the developers to deliver the optimum output as per the project requirements and meet goals of each development phase. This requires actually breaking the entire project objectives into a few milestones that developers need to achieve and accordingly should quote cost and time. 

Agile Methodology Offers More Adaptable Development Powered by Continuous Feedback

Continuous feedback in agile

In agile methodology, frequent testing is done to check whether the project is on the right track. This requires collecting feedback at the very end of each project is absolutely important. This feedback collection makes the development process extensive as the feedback and detected problems need to be fixed at the end of each cycle of development.

For any app development project, it is quite likely that the results just don’t meet your expectations. There can also be instances when certain solutions just may not fit the problems you tried to fix through the development. This is when you may be required to change things in the middle of solving a problem. This is where meticulous care is needed to ensure that every problem is addressed, and the app perfectly adapts to the changes.

Testing early and often is the biggest advantage of the agile development approach resulting in a more streamlined development process with fewer faults and more comprehensive solutions to issues. The agile approach has all the answers to software development issues. You just need to be aware of all these benefits that are at your disposal.


Finally, when working with outsourced developers for your WordPress web project, efficiency should be the ultimate goal that you need to ensure, and this is where the role of the agile development approach proves to be really effective. Thanks to agile methodology, you can easily streamline the disintegrated operational tasks and various development procedures for delivering a more comprehensive and robust output. Moreover, agile also helps you to get directly involved with each and every stage of the WordPress development project for optimum output.

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