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Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine intelligence essentially has the goal of teaching machines to think and act in a similar way to humans. It consists of technology and disciplines dedicated to developing machines and systems capable of analyzing data and triggering events based on those findings or providing requested information in a specific context.

Many AI researchers anticipate the arrival of artificial general intelligence (AGI) within decades, which will enable machines to perform all cognitive tasks at a super-human level. This could have dramatic implications for science, technology, health care, and the nature of life itself.

Though it generates a lot of hype in technology circles, AI in the news doesn’t yet have as high a profile as other hot topics such as climate change, the economy, or COVID-19.

So if you’re an enthusiast, or simply curious about the latest developments in AI, where or how can you tune into the News AI stream? In this article, we’ll be providing answers and taking a brief look at some of the headlines and issues dominating the artificial intelligence debate across various outlets.

Artificial Intelligence News

On the Web, there are several sites offering news, analysis, and commentary on various aspects of artificial intelligence. They include:

Artificial Intelligence News

With a title very much on the nose regarding its focus, takes a wider perspective on AI issues, covering their economic and political implications as much as their technical aspects.

Among the topics covered most recently on the web site is a report from the research firm IDC, which expects global spending on AI to double within four years, reaching $110 billion by 2024, and an indication that the White House is set to boost AI funding by 30 percent, as the US aims to retain its global technological supremacy.

Business Insider Intelligence follows the latest research and technology developments on AI, including the companies, applications, innovations, and platforms that are shaping its future.

Recent headlines on the site include:

Maturity of Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Banking and Payments

Use of AI in healthcare & medicine is booming – here’s how the market is benefiting from AI in 2020 and beyond

The Future of Fintech: AI & Blockchain

AI IN CONTENT MARKETING: How marketers are taking advantage of AI to accelerate content generation, analysis, and promotion

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The Future of Life organization website takes a more humanistic and philosophical approach to its coverage of artificial intelligence, considering questions such as the implications of AI for the acceleration of science and technology, the elimination of poverty, and its potential for helping to spread life across the universe.

AI Research Considerations for Human Existential Safety,

Foundational Philosophical Questions in AI Alignment, and

Moral Learning and Metaethics in AI Systems are some of the topics they covered most recently.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) website features a catalog of news articles relating to AI, plus an Artificial Intelligence Download and RSS feed.

Some of the stories appearing most recently on the platform include:

Toward a machine learning model that can reason about everyday actions

Researchers train a model to reach human-level performance at recognizing abstract concepts in the video.

National Science Foundation announces MIT-led Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Interactions (IAIFI) will promote advances in physics knowledge — ranging from the smallest building blocks of nature to the largest structures in the universe — and galvanize AI research innovation.

Science, tech news

Science Daily delves into the more technological aspects of artificial intelligence, with a selection of recent articles including:

Future Autonomous Machines May Build Trust Through Emotion

Research into vehicle autonomy has been providing a complete picture of how actions and nonverbal signals contribute to promoting cooperation.

Light Processing Improves Robotic Sensing, Study Finds

Researchers claim that the ways in which the human brain processes bright and contrasting light is key to improving robotic sensing and enabling autonomous agents.

Tool Transforms World Landmark Photos Into 4D Experiences

Researchers have developed a method of creating maneuverable 3D images, using publicly available tourist photos of world landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome or Top of the Rock in New York City.

Microscopic Robots ‘Walk’ Thanks to Laser Tech

A collaboration has created the first microscopic robots that incorporate semiconductor components, allowing them to be controlled – and made to walk – using standard electronics.


WIRED takes a broad-based approach to AI, with stories covering technical, political, social, and other aspects of artificial intelligence. Some of their most recent articles include:

Anduril’s New Drone Offers to Inject More AI Into Warfare

Google Offers to Help Others With the Tricky Ethics of AI

A Dogfight Renews Concerns About AI’s Lethal Potential

Deepfakes Are Becoming the Hot New Corporate Training Tool

Skewed Grading Algorithms Fuel Backlash Beyond the Classroom

Why Do Solar Farms Kill Birds? Call in the AI Bird Watcher

machine learning news

Machine Learning News

Machine Learning (ML) is a characteristic whereby a machine can improve its performance based on previous activities and events. Learning through experience and reference to stored data enables computers to learn without being explicitly programmed, and machine learning algorithms (the complex mathematical operations that make such learning possible) have multiple applications.

As with artificial intelligence, there are several machine learning news sites and resources on the internet. They include:

As you might expect, puts a business-minded focus on the issue of machine learning, offering guidelines, news, and commentary on how ML relates to commerce and enterprise. Recent topics covered on the site are:

How to Start a Career in Big Data and Machine Learning for Less Than $40

5 Hit Business Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020 – From social apps to machine learning, a handful of buzzing innovations with no signs of slowing down.

3 Powerful Uses of Machine Learning in Marketing

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The machine learning news service of MIT covers some of the same material as the Institute’s AI news stream. But there are specific headlines exclusively concerning ML – many with a focus on health. So, for example, the latest headlines on the site include:

Making health care more personal

The company Health at Scale uses machine learning to improve outcomes for individual patients.

Real-time data for a better response to disease outbreaks

The startup Kinsa uses its smart thermometers to detect and track the spread of contagious illness before patients go to the hospital.

Like MIT, takes a health, lifestyle, and wellness approach to its machine learning coverage, with the site recently featuring stories like:

Brain tumor diagnostic model and dietary effect based on extracellular vesicle microbiome data in serum

Age and life expectancy clocks based on machine learning analysis of mouse frailty

A multi-task, multi-stage deep transfer learning model for early prediction of neurodevelopment in very preterm infants

Automatic detection of non-perfusion areas in diabetic macular edema from fundus fluorescein angiography for decision making using deep learning

The Conversation

At The Conversation, machine learning is discussed in terms of its relevance to current events, with recent issues coming to light such as:

A-level results: why algorithms get things so wrong – and what we can do to fix them

Satellite technology and machine learning are helping track down illegal and environmentally damaging ‘dark fleets’ of fishing boats.

Artificial intelligence insatiable data needs has encouraged the mass collection of personal data, placing privacy at risk. But AI can help solve the very problem it creates.


Google AI News

If you Google “AI news,” one of the first entries you’ll find on the results list is precisely that — Google AI News, a service chronicling the latest news from Google AI.

Among the site’s most recent offerings is an article on “Imitation Learning in the Low-Data Regime” — a look at imitation learning (IL) methods, which offer an alternative to the reinforcement learning or RL system, by enabling machines to learn how to solve a task from expert demonstrations, rather than a carefully designed reward function.

DNA India

DNA India covers news about Google AI from the perspective of the sub-continent, with recent headlines such as:

Google CEO Sundar Pichai secretly met Pentagon leaders over AI project, claim reports

Google will soon offer AI tools to report child abuse images

Trouble for call center employees? Google to replace work with AI-powered virtual agents


AI News

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