Carlos Casanova

Carlos Casanova is an internationally known speaker, IT architect, leadership advisor and the co-author of “The CMDB Imperative”. He has over two decades of hands on experience guiding CIOs and Sr. Leadership to achieve effective IT operations and improve ROI from infrastructure investments. His expansive experience enables him to quickly assess their true needs and achieve better business outcomes. He takes the complexity out of today's cluttered IT and business environments to simplify their goals in order to accelerate achievement and success.

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  • Digital Disruption Catching Business Leaders Unprepared

    Digital Disruption Catching Business Leaders Unprepared

    Time for leaders to step up The age of digital disruption is well and truly with us, and it is time for business leaders to step up and take a leadership role. The Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an initiative of IMD business school and Cisco, and HR consultancy metaBeratung, have identified four competencies
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  • Hackers are One Step Ahead of Cyber Security Practices

    Hackers are One Step Ahead of Cyber Security Practices

    Do you think you are safe from a cyber attack? Are you sitting back and thinking that your organization is safe from hacker intrusion? Unfortunately, the hackers are probably one step ahead of you all the way, constantly changing tactics and seldom using the same pathway in a second target enterprise. Research by global technology
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  • Biometrics is the Future of Security

    Biometrics is the Future of Security

    At every turn companies are facing security concerns and pushback from customers who worry about the storage of their personal data. The biometrics market is expected to exceed $10 billion in value by 2021, ABI Research has identified four technologies that innovative and agile startups must incorporate into their solutions if they expect to secure
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  • The Imperative of Organizational Change

    The Imperative of Organizational Change

    Leveraging tools to aid adoption Agile, DevOps, LeanIT, ITSM, CyberSecurity, Big Data – these are just some of the practices that have burst on to the scene as ‘buzzwords’ over the past several years. These are now some of the biggest drivers of corporate IT initiatives. What they have in common is that they all
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  • Configuration Management, Why bother?

    Configuration Management, Why bother?

    Some Pros and Cons about implementing Configuration Management In order to discuss the Pros and Cons of anything, you must first establish and agree upon the Goals. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and seeking the same results. It is also important to cover, at a high level, the major activities that should
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  • CMDB – The Ageing Silver Bullet

    CMDB – The Ageing Silver Bullet

    ITSM and a program office’s stewardship of its adoption within an organization, is a key element in the Information Technology Department’s goal of becoming a service oriented organization. Configuration Management (CfM) and the Configuration Management database (CMDB) are foundational building blocks in that adoption that will enable the identification and tracking of how infrastructure components
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  • Automation and the CMDB

    Automation and the CMDB

    Get in, go fast, crash quick…Who cares where you’re going! Speed and aggressiveness have been the approach for many organizations trying to “implement” Configuration Management; or should I say “CMDB”. For as long as I have been involved in Configuration Management, there have always been people out there pontificating on how “Automation will solve all
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  • Why Change Management is Important – Part Three

    Why Change Management is Important – Part Three

    In this third part of this blog on the importance of change management, we continue to look at risk mitigation and consider compliance and regulatory issues that may impact our change activities Risk Mitigation How could you mitigate this risk? You could stock 50 or 100 spare drives or you could take a gamble and
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