Mark Smalley & Malini Jayaganesh

Malini Jayaganesh is a Business Relationship Manager (BRM) who draws upon her varied professional experience (as business analyst, academic, writer, speaker and story-teller) to foster collaboration in complex organisations. Her multidisciplinary approach incorporates Lean, Agile and Design Thinking. Her contribution has been recognised with a Highly Commended Award for Service Excellence by the Department of Health & Human Services in Victoria, Australia. She is also affiliated with BRMI, as a member of their Global Council. Connect with Malini on LinkedIn & Twitter @MaliniJay9 Mark Smalley is an IT Management Consultant at Smalley.IT and is specialized in application management and business information management. He is affiliated with the non-profit ASL BiSL Foundation, APMG International, GamingWorks and AllThingsITSM. Mark is an inaugural member of the industry initiatives SMCongress and Taking Service Forward. Also known as The IT Paradigmologist, Mark has spoken to thousands of IT professionals at more than 100 events on 4 continents. Connect with Mark on LinkedIn and Twitter @marksmalley.

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  • How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

    How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

    The Outside-In Resume Traditionally, resume’s are written in from an inside-out perspective. They explain what the person in question has done, so that the potential employer or client can determine the suitability of the candidate. So what’s wrong with that? Well, it’s much easier for the employer or client when the resume is written from
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