Michael Keeling

Michael has been providing consulting and guidance in IT Operations, ITSM and SIAM to enterprise level organizations in many industries for more than 20 years, and has extensive background in data center and service desk operations, technical writing, mentoring, cause analysis and workflow improvement. He is known for bringing the view of a detective to these efforts, perspective he credits to education in crime scene investigation and over 10 years designing processes and performing risk management in the private security sector prior to his career in IT. A confirmed realist that believes no project can be truly successful unless all involved parties are grounded in reality, Michael is always prepared to paint ‘the elephant in the room’ bright yellow when appropriate….

Latest from Michael Keeling

  • Lie To Me

    Lie To Me

    Are your metrics and reporting telling you what you need to know, or what you want to hear? Not long ago, as I was reviewing another Excel file containing row after row of “KPIs”, the playlist I had running in the background kicked off a personal favorite, which opens with the words “Lie to me,
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  • If You Went On an ‘ITIL Journey’

    If You Went On an ‘ITIL Journey’

    You Shouldn’t be Surprised if You Got Lost…. We’ve all heard the story (or a variation of it): “In order to address growing complaints from customers our organization chartered a project to ‘implement ITIL ®’. We brought in experts to assist, we sent people to training, and over the course of x number of months
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