Noam Shendar

Noam Shendar, COO of Zadara Storage, has more than 20 years of experience in storage and chip-level engineering, product development and business planning, and holds a patent on a digital television technology. He was formerly senior director of business planning and product management at LSI, leading a new product group in the Engenio storage unit (now a part of NetApp). Before that he was director of corporate strategy for LSI, a strategy director for MIPS Technologies, and VP of applications engineering for iBlast, an entertainment technology startup. Earlier he held research and engineering positions at Intel Corporation’s Microprocessor Products Group.)

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  • Dark Matter in the Cloud – The Private Cloud

    Dark Matter in the Cloud – The Private Cloud

    Private cloud storage represents the hidden high growth market Astronomers say 27% of the universe doesn’t emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation and hence can’t be observed (NASA’s Science Mission Directorate) – so that while scientists know this matter exists, it’s “dark” or unobservable. Likewise in IT, the prime movers in the data center may
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