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Astound Announces Integration with ServiceNow to Provide AI-Driven Enterprise Service Management

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Astound, an enterprise software company applying machine learning and natural language processing to automate service and support, has announced its certified integration for the Now Platform®. The new Astound integration allows customers using ServiceNow ® to interact conversationally with any app on the platform using natural language and automate the process of resolving routine service requests. Astound’s decision engine provides AI-driven enterprise service management to improve the quality of support while also reducing costs.

“ServiceNow is committed to delivering a modern, consumer-like service experience to employees,” said Avanish Sahai, Vice President of ISVs and Technology Alliances at ServiceNow. “We’re pleased that Astound is innovating on the Now Platform®, embedding greater intelligence into our daily work. Apps and integrations in the ServiceNow Store enhance our platform for customers, and we’re delighted to welcome Astound to our ISV partner ecosystem.”

Through the integration with ServiceNow, Astound’s machine learning-based decision engine:

  • Reduces call volume by improving the self-service experience using natural language processing via virtual agent technology to identify the best answers the first time;
  • Reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR) and improves data quality with machine learning models that can be trained to predict the value of any field in any form in any app;
  • Adds key features like conversational assistance to query ServiceNow using natural language, related items to provide a “roadmap to resolution” for fulfillers, and a manager dashboard to understand how automation is impacting service delivery; and,
  • Is offered as a certified app in the SN Store.

“ServiceNow showed every employee why they should expect a better service experience,” stated Dan Turchin, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Astound. “Through the availability of Astound in the  Store, customers can enjoy the future of work today. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with this innovative team. We’re proud to bring world-class AI-driven automation to the world’s best enterprise workflow platform.”

Learn more about Astound (formerly called Neva) for ServiceNow

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