4 best business process management blogs

business process management

If you are looking for practical guidance on Business Process Management (BPM) we have put together a list of the five blogs that we think will head you in the right direction.

1.      Column 2 – Sandy Kemsley

This blog contains great information on BPM events along with excellent advice that will make a real difference to your BPM efforts. Sandy brings a wealth of experience to her blogging – this is a blog that you need to be reading if you are serious about BPM

2.      Navvia – David Mainville and others

This blog provides plenty of practical advice on establishing and improving business process management capability in organizations of all sizes. Regularly updated, well written, it is useful to BPM practitioners at all levels. While this is a vendor blog, the posts are not product focussed and will be useful to readers, whether or not they are using the Navvia platform

3.      Method and Style – Bruce Silver

Bruce Silver’s blog provides a wealth of actionable information. Concepts are well explained and the posts offer practical advice. Bruce utilizes diagrams to great effect to explain the ideas he is describing. This blog will be useful to people at any stage of the BPM journey

4.      The Leonardo Blog

This blog, from Australian company Leonardo Consulting, contains a nice mix of video conversations, interview-style articles and informative posts. There have not been any new posts on the site for a couple of months, but prior to that the posting schedule was frequent and regular. Hopefully the Leonardo team will be posting new material very soon, it would be a pity if they did not.

There were some other, very informative BPM blogs out there, but sadly many appear to be stagnant, with no new posts being added.  We have opted to bring you blogs that are current and actively updated. If you know of any other BPM blogs that you think belong on this list, please let us know.

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Kirstie Magowan

Kirstie Magowan

Kirstie Magowan is the managing editor of IT Chronicles. Kirstie is an experienced journalist and publisher who has been working in the IT Service Management industry since 1999. Kirstie is a regular speaker at industry conferences globally.