• DevOps Frequently Asked Questions

    DevOps Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Meant by DevOps? The term DevOps is simply dev from development + ops from operations. So it is about combining the development of an application or service with the operations tasks of supporting it. The value of doing that mostly comes from breaking down traditional silos within IT, having a single responsibility for
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  • Your DevOps Interview

    Your DevOps Interview

    If you are interested in moving into or progressing your DevOps career, the odds are you will need success at a job interview. Just because it’s a DevOps interview, doesn’t stop all the usual interview rules applying, things like: Do your research Know what the job actually is (you’d be amazed at how many candidates
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  • DevOps Best Practices

    DevOps Best Practices

    Everything from attitudes to specific technologies, frameworks, and methodologies can get bundled into the basket of DevOps best practices – it’s a wide remit, and all perspectives can be relevant. DevOps has become very well adopted as an approach by IT in the 21st century. Many organizations have shown real benefits from adopting DevOps: faster
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  • What is a DevOps Engineer?

    What is a DevOps Engineer?

    The phrase ‘DevOps engineer’ is now widely used but loosely defined. The understanding of what a DevOps engineer does and the skills they require vary considerably. At one end of the scale, it is seen as a specialist role, with deep and specific coding skills. For others, it is a more generic term describing those
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  • DevOps vs Agile or DevOps and Agile?

    DevOps vs Agile or DevOps and Agile?

    The difference between DevOps and Agile? What’s the difference between Agile and DevOps? This is a commonly heard question, and yet not a very useful one. It is not helpful to present it as DevOps vs Agile, as if these were competing companies, and a customer could only buy one of them. Instead, there is
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  • Best DevOps Tools

    Best DevOps Tools

    Writing about software tools is always a dangerous game. By the time you have researched, written, proofed, and published your work, it is inevitably out of date. Write about DevOps software tools that are helping companies accelerate their worlds, and it becomes doubly fraught. Add in the reality that any DevOps tool list of ‘best’
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  • How DevOps Can Benefit Your Remote Team During COVID-19

    How DevOps Can Benefit Your Remote Team During COVID-19

    DevOps can help! During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies all around the world needed to temporarily close their doors and switch to remote work. Even in good economic times, going fully digital is not an overnight process. Instead, moving to remote work requires lots of strategizing, as well as significant investments in cloud-based technologies that will
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  • IT Revolution Announces Third Round of Speakers DevOps Enterprise Summit

    IT Revolution Announces Third Round of Speakers DevOps Enterprise Summit

    IT Revolution  today announced the third round of speakers for the DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas 2018. The conference takes place from October 22-24, 2018 at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. IT Revolution and founding partner, Electric Cloud, will host an immersive learning program for identifying and amplifying top DevOps transformation practices with business and technology leaders
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