• DevOps & The Death of the Product Owner

    DevOps & The Death of the Product Owner

    An agile transformation I probably don’t have to explain why organizations are transforming towards the agile way of working. In nearly every enterprise, agility has evolved from optional ambition to inevitable necessity. The far-reaching adoption of Scrum, the most dominant agile product development methodology, has triggered the emergence of product owners. The product owner, being
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  • Kill DevOps

    Kill DevOps

    There’s an interesting parallel between Zen and DevOps. This is best illustrated by a kōan. Just to refresh your memory, a kōan is a story, dialogue, question, or statement. Kōans are used in Zen practice to provoke the ‘great doubt’ and test students’ progress in Zen practice. The kōan that appeals to me is “If
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