• Governance shouldn’t be ‘Us & Them’

    Governance shouldn’t be ‘Us & Them’

    My last blog on this site was linking sports – total football in that case – to the ideas behind DevOps. Maybe that got me thinking about sports and ITSM topics. Whatever the reason, an allusion came to me in a recent training course when a discussion opened up around governance. One of the delegates
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  • Digital Enterprise DevOps

    Digital Enterprise DevOps

    The concept of the digital enterprise has been on my mind for quite a while. As a consumer and citizen, I deal with public and private organizations via their digital holograms. While some interactions are convenient, others are frustrating. I’ve explored this in Uncompromising algorithms + inconsiderate humans = poor service. From my professional perspective
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  • Sell me this DevOps

    Sell me this DevOps

    Having already written about both DevOps in Kill DevOps and the challenge of selling IT initiatives to ‘executive hair’ in Sell me this IT, I thought that I now might combine the two. It was either going to be Kill IT or Sell me this DevOps and I’ve opted for the latter. Most people who
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  • DevOps and ITSM – A Conversation with Gene Kim

    DevOps and ITSM – A Conversation with Gene Kim

    A highlight of Knowledge16 Last week the AllThingsITSM podcast team had the pleasure of recording interviews at Knowledge16 – The annual ServiceNow User conference in Las Vegas.There were a lot of conversations centred on DevOps, but one stood out for all of us. I have to say that one of the highlights for me, and
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  • DevOps in the Baltics

    DevOps in the Baltics

    Organizing DevOps Topconf’s second annual Baltic DevOps conference in Tallinn in May attracted 120 attendees who could choose between talks of a technical nature (which attracted 80% of the attendees), and talks about how to organize DevOps. As a member of the programme committee, I had advised about the content of the organizational track. We
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  • ITSM – The Twisted Framework

    ITSM – The Twisted Framework

    Wednesday, 08:06am The coffee in my go mug was already cold when I left my apartment, so although I made pretty good time, considering the morning traffic, I was now 20 minutes grumpier before even getting out of the car.  Spring was still struggling in, and I snugged my hat down so the chill breeze
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  • Devops, Johan Cruyff, Total football – and Total IT?

    Devops, Johan Cruyff, Total football – and Total IT?

    DevOps and Football – where is the connection? We recently lost Johan Cruyff, one of the few true greats of modern football (read soccer if you hail from west of the Atlantic). Looking back on how Cruyff, and coach Rinus Michels’s innovation changed football and how that then evolved into the modern playing style made
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  • Systems tinkering versus systems thinking

    Systems tinkering versus systems thinking

    Dealing with a complicated world Looking back at the industrial revolution, the dominant ‘management paradigm’ was Scientific Management, also called Taylorism. This was pretty straightforward, focussing on control of function and ‘Taylored’ to mass production. But this ran out of steam when the world got more complicated. People realized that things depended on so many
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