• Can and Should You Adopt Agile In Your Company

    Can and Should You Adopt Agile In Your Company

    If you have anything to do with IT or even any of the IT-adjacent industries, you have probably heard about agile. In fact, you have probably had your ears burning from the millions (it definitely feels like millions) of various experts turning “Agile” into one of the buzzwords of the 21st century so far. But,
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  • Speaking at the DevOps Enterprise Summit

    Speaking at the DevOps Enterprise Summit

    A Preview I’m honored to be speaking at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco this November. My talk will be on “Influencing Higher Education to Create the Future DevOps Workforce” As I’ve discussed elsewhere, our education system is a bit behind the curve in responding to digital transformation and underpinning practices such as Agile,
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  • DevOps Disambiguation

    DevOps Disambiguation

    DevOps is many things Being at the top of the hype-cycle, there’s lots of stuff being written about DevOps versus various standards, frameworks and religions. Most of it isn’t really helpful because the author isn’t clear about what he or she means by “DevOps”. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, yes –
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  • Devopathy – beware adding dogma to DevOps

    Devopathy – beware adding dogma to DevOps

    Devopathy is a system of alternative DevOps practice created at the top of the DevOps hype cycle by nefarious vendors and consultants, based on their doctrine of like cures like (similia similibus curentur), a claim that an approach that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy information systems would cure similar symptoms in sick
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  • DevOps – Accelerating IT Evolution

    DevOps – Accelerating IT Evolution

    Shifting tectonic IT plates This metaphor occurred to me on a recent trip to New Zealand, on the realisation that somebody made the mistake of positioning this otherwise admirable country right on top of a fault line. The Pacific plate is doing its best to push the Australian plate in a westerly direction but the
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  • Governance shouldn’t be ‘Us & Them’

    Governance shouldn’t be ‘Us & Them’

    My last blog on this site was linking sports – total football in that case – to the ideas behind DevOps. Maybe that got me thinking about sports and ITSM topics. Whatever the reason, an allusion came to me in a recent training course when a discussion opened up around governance. One of the delegates
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  • Digital Enterprise DevOps

    Digital Enterprise DevOps

    The concept of the digital enterprise has been on my mind for quite a while. As a consumer and citizen, I deal with public and private organizations via their digital holograms. While some interactions are convenient, others are frustrating. I’ve explored this in Uncompromising algorithms + inconsiderate humans = poor service. From my professional perspective
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  • Sell me this DevOps

    Sell me this DevOps

    Having already written about both DevOps in Kill DevOps and the challenge of selling IT initiatives to ‘executive hair’ in Sell me this IT, I thought that I now might combine the two. It was either going to be Kill IT or Sell me this DevOps and I’ve opted for the latter. Most people who
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