• Speaking at the DevOps Enterprise Summit

    Speaking at the DevOps Enterprise Summit

    A Preview I’m honored to be speaking at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco this November. My talk will be on “Influencing Higher Education to Create the Future DevOps Workforce” As I’ve discussed elsewhere, our education system is a bit behind the curve in responding to digital transformation and underpinning practices such as Agile,
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  • NOT Just Talking Heads! #BMCEngage

    NOT Just Talking Heads! #BMCEngage

    I had the opportunity to speak with Jason Frye, VP Digital Innovation, Enterprise Solutions Organization at BMC at the BMC Engage conference. I wanted to discuss the conference agenda, the community at large, Apps in the enterprise digital journey and the Innovation Suite BMC showcased.   One of the things I have noticed about this
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  • The past, present and future of BMC

    The past, present and future of BMC

    While I was at BMC Engage last week I had the opportunity to talk with Robin Purohit, Group President, about the BMC story – where it came from and where it is going in the future. As someone from the industry with more than 17 years of watching the vendor community like a hawk, it
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  • Gaining the edge, shaping the future

    Gaining the edge, shaping the future

    ISACA South Africa Annual Conference The theme of the ISACA South Africa annual conference held in Johannesburg was ‘Gaining the edge, shaping the future’. The event included tracks covering (Cyber) Governance, IS Audit, Privacy & Security, Women Leaders in Technology and Cybersecurity. This is a summary of the key takeaways from the sessions I attended.
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  • An Opportunity to “Engage”

    An Opportunity to “Engage”

    The conference season is starting again and I am off to BMC Engage next week. It will be interesting to see and hear what is new at this giant of IT. I am lucky to be invited to events from industry-leading technology companies and this is one event that I would be crazy to pass
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  • To Speak Or Not To Speak

    To Speak Or Not To Speak

    The speaking dilemma of conferences is discussed Conferences, in general, are a great place to network, learn and, for a lucky few – speak. However, these conferences are not cheap to attend. There are many ways conferences attract attendees. Some say that it is the location, others the networking and even more are now saying
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  • The Power of Collaboration – ITx2016

    The Power of Collaboration – ITx2016

    A ‘cracker of a conference’ – Wellington, New Zealand, July 2016 Twelve IT organizations came together in Wellington New Zealand last week to hold what I would have to say was a real ‘cracker’ of a conference. One question that does need to be answered was posed by the first keynote of the conference, Ian Taylor
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  • Knowledge 16 was “Ah-mazing”

    Knowledge 16 was “Ah-mazing”

    Time flies… We arrived in Las Vegas for Knowledge® 16 on Sunday to work with some of our clients before the show and before we knew it, the Monday reception was upon us and then it seemed like we were packing up to leave for the airport. It was non-stop from beginning to end. Knowledge
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