• Service Request Catalog: Failing to Fail

    Service Request Catalog: Failing to Fail

    Many IT organizations fail at their first attempt to go online with Service Management via a Service Portal or Service Request Catalog. Today I’ll look at some of the reasons why and provide suggestions for succeeding the first time, through widespread engagement combined with an agile growth that maintains momentum throughout your efforts. Before beginning,
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  • How Do You (con)Figure?

    How Do You (con)Figure?

    What is configuration management? People (at least some people) have always been aware that knowing where things are and how things work together are good things to be mindful of. It’s why some have always been attracted to maps and puzzles (which are sometimes the same thing), and have that urge to disassemble and reassemble
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  • Choosing the best Service Management framework for the Business

    Choosing the best Service Management framework for the Business

    An interesting question AXELOS recently posed a question on their website Community Area.  It was a Founding Members Challenge.  Aimed at promoting discussion and debate, the question posed asked about how you would give a new person “Barry” some advice when considering whether ITIL ® was the best framework for the business?  So let’s consider
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  • Challenging the Recipe Book Approach to Service Management

    Challenging the Recipe Book Approach to Service Management

    Enough of practice without reason It may seem like an over embellishment but I’ll say it anyway.  I love best practice, I love process and I am a fan of anything to do with the plethora of disciplines, frameworks, standards, approaches, ethos and methodologies available to IT and service management practitioners today.  Like most practitioners,
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  • DevOps – Accelerating IT Evolution

    DevOps – Accelerating IT Evolution

    Shifting tectonic IT plates This metaphor occurred to me on a recent trip to New Zealand, on the realisation that somebody made the mistake of positioning this otherwise admirable country right on top of a fault line. The Pacific plate is doing its best to push the Australian plate in a westerly direction but the
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  • Who is Your Customer?

    Who is Your Customer?

    Language is important Seemingly innocent questions can provide revealing answers. Just think about asking somebody in an IT department “Who is your customer?”. More often than not, the response will point to one or more business departments that the IT department supports. This positions the IT department as the business’ order-taker. The business demands; the
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  • (Lack of) Organizational Will

    (Lack of) Organizational Will

    A roadblock to improvement When it comes to your ITSM implementation, does your company suffer from a lack of organizational will? It’s the CIO that knows that resources are too busy fire-fighting due to constantly implementing poorly designed and tested changes, but doesn’t want to sign off on a change management policy. It’s the service
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  • Reality Check – The (IT Services) Matrix

    Reality Check – The (IT Services) Matrix

    “The Matrix is everywhere; it is all around us, even now in this very room…” Many of you will recognize the above as the beginning of a scene from The Matrix, in which Morpheus asks Neo if he wants to know what “it” is. In the article to follow, I am offering you this choice
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