• Sell me this IT

    Sell me this IT

    It’s all about supply and demand In Martin Scorsese’s biographical black comedy film The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Leonardo DiCaprio plays a stockbroker of dubious morals. In one of the scenes he plays a motivation speaker talking to an audience who have come to learn how to sell. In order to show them how
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  • ITSM – It’s All About Balance

    ITSM – It’s All About Balance

    Think Outcomes, not Frameworks and Methodologies When I see discussions on social media like “Will <framework A> work with <methodology B>?” I have to admit that it drives me a little bonkers. The answer is always “yes it will”. What the real question should be “how can I achieve the best outcomes from the use
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  • The benefits of business-IT bickering

    The benefits of business-IT bickering

    In her book and TED Talk ‘The Mathematics of Love’, mathematician Hannah Fry shares her thoughts on the odds of finding your soul mate to the equation that explains the conversation patterns of lasting relationships. The most successful relationships are those with a really low negativity threshold. In those relationships, couples allow each other to
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  • It’s T-time – Technology meets DevOps

    It’s T-time – Technology meets DevOps

    The Specialization of Technology In the beginning of IT there were men in white lab coats. And the men in white lab coats were masters of everything: hardware and software, development and operations, demand and supply. But after a while things started to specialize and different departments were created for the various disciplines. There’s nothing
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  • Automation and the CMDB

    Automation and the CMDB

    Get in, go fast, crash quick…Who cares where you’re going! Speed and aggressiveness have been the approach for many organizations trying to “implement” Configuration Management; or should I say “CMDB”. For as long as I have been involved in Configuration Management, there have always been people out there pontificating on how “Automation will solve all
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  • ITSM problems – is poor behaviour the cause?

    ITSM problems – is poor behaviour the cause?

    The changes you need to influence behaviour If you have a technical bent, and if you’re reading this you probably have, it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re as baffled by people as I am. Things, I understand; people, less so. It took me forty years to realize that other people don’t think about things the
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  • Lie To Me

    Lie To Me

    Are your metrics and reporting telling you what you need to know, or what you want to hear? Not long ago, as I was reviewing another Excel file containing row after row of “KPIs”, the playlist I had running in the background kicked off a personal favorite, which opens with the words “Lie to me,
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  • Using Behaviours To Align People Management and Operations

    Using Behaviours To Align People Management and Operations

    As illustrated by the fields of psychology and psychiatry, the nature of behaviour is driven by numerous factors. It is not surprising therefore, that this is a subject we all continue to struggle with even in our tiny world of ITSM. People are not easily pigeon-holed and nor should they be, however there are certain personalities and characteristics that
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