Cloud Server Applications that Can Help Speed Up Your Website

Cloud server applications

The fierce competition among companies to gain audience and leads has raised the bar for marketing strategies. More and more companies are embracing better quality media, content, and web development. In general, photo- and other media-rich content are more appealing to people; which is why there is much demand for this type of websites. The problem is media-rich websites often take time to load, which can cause frustration to viewers. These viewers may try or twice to load the page again, but if it ends up the same, they may never try to ever load it again.
In 2009, a study was conducted by Akamai in user behavior on website loading time. It showed that 47% of website visitors expect a page to finish loading within two seconds. More than that, 40% of them leave the website. Additionally, a second of another delay can equate to 7% conversion reduction. Now that’s not something to casually take.
Compression and advances browser caching strategies are usually used to lessen load time in websites, but these tools too do not give guaranteed results. Slow loading still happens. Now wasted time means customer loss to businesses. So the dilemma comes into action. Should businesses, or blog and website owners be willing to sacrifice the quality of their content just to make way for the speed of their websites?
Fortunately, Cloud provides us a way out of this dilemma. When Cloud computing comes to mind, we immediately think about backup and security for data. However, those are not just its uses. Cloud servers also offer website speed up services for those websites that rely heavily on HD content pictures and videos.
A Public Cloud refers to servers that use platforms which are commonly used, such as the Google Drive. While this option is much less expensive without having to worry about your page’s load time, you will have to watch out for its security. A Private Cloud server on the other hand is more expensive, and pricing will vary depending on the flavors or packages you pay for. These servers are set-up within the company by professionals outside the company. While it is a more pricey option, you can be assured of their data security.
Cloud servers use high-performing servers, lightning-fast processors and high-quality solid-state drive (SSD) storage, all these work together to help boost the loading time of websites. Additionally, most Cloud servers provide access to resources on customer service to help you solve even your worst mistake made. Here are five cloud server applications that you may choose from:


You can purchase this Cloud server with 30-day money back guarantee, risk-free, and no contracts. It is actually one of the best server options. They use pure SSD storage and best performing processors – the Intel Xeon to ensure quality performance. They also offer unlimited traffic in in all their cloud hosting packages without the high and extra costs.

Virtual Cloud Servers

These servers are known to be best performing and very reliable, with its purely API-driven open-source cloud platform. Since it is powered by Openstack, it is backed with innovation and pace by its 30,000 community members. It boasts of its tight data security using Cloud Security Groups and other private networking capabilities. It is also flexible enough for you to be able to customize and personalize some of its features to better suit your needs. Additionally, Virtual Cloud Servers are globally available. This factor can let you deploy applications that are closer to your users.


This is the ultimate Cloud server that has been widely used among small business owners and other individuals way back in 2003. Its features include a safe place for your data which are mirrored automatically into three other devices; so in case a failure or problem arises, their failover technology takes over to keep the website working. The two other copies will then be used to rebuild. It promises its users of a fast load time, reliable and secure platform, simpler interface, and bigger space and traffic.


This cloud server has a very easy to use platform which is very appealing to novice users. Been on the business since 1997, DreamHost has helped so many people with simple blog sites to huge businesses with much more complicated and heavy loaded webpages. It promises a faster speed with their all SSD storage and next generation processors. It also boasts of its award-winning customer support which makes it a better option among its competitors.
When you are choosing a Cloud server, whether for your own smoother-running online workspace or for your company’s, it is always wise to select the server that does not break your budget but also does not sacrifice the security of your data and its promise of efficiency. Take your time in choosing one.

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