Why Customer-First Is More Important in IT Than Ever Before

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More than ever, a customer-first mentality is vital in the IT field. Technology’s abundance leaves no room for excuses regarding the delivery of transparent data and customizable options to consumers. Today, consumers want to have a variety of options at their fingertips, in addition to data that can help inform them of an order, campaign, or anything relevant to their purchase.

Several aspects of IT lend themselves to a customer-first mentality, particularly service portals clear organization and a plan with a well-executed vision.

Service Portals

IT should aim to provide end-to-end services for customers and clients in a consistent manner or risk consumer chaos in having customers not know where to go next.

A simplified service portal for customers to access anytime, 24/7, is helpful for customer satisfaction. The portal provides customers the ability to self-service by providing additional information, feedback, and answers to questions. Additionally, customers can use the online portal to modify their service, such as skipping a monthly order or altering the schedule.

In addition to making things easier and more transparent for customers, service portals can reduce the workload for a business. Instead, businesses can rely on customers specifying their preferences, questions and follow-ups via the portal of spending resources on manual communication.

A service portal can help streamline a variety of consumer requests and questions, speeding up the response time and giving customers an immediate response to their portal commands.

Clarity and Organization

A service portal can be very useful for showing a customer-first mentality, though if the portal is cluttered and disorganized then consumers may not even choose to use it. The portal must cater to non-IT individuals, in being accessible while still providing versatility.

For example, some portals opt to use a universal organization system such as the Dewey decimal system for organization. The Dewey decimal system is something which many people, IT experts and not, are familiar with since it’s used in hundreds of thousands of libraries and remains an aspect of the curriculum in U.S. schools.

Since IT needs to figure out how much information customers can handle with comfort, it’s useful to apply a taxonomy system that’s fairly recognizable and commonsense outside the IT realm. A customer- centric portal that’s organized and provides a multitude of useful options for consumers will also enforce the notion of customer-first.

Share Your Vision

Customers want to know what they are getting out of their investment, whether that investments involves money, time, resources or a combination of them all. As a result, it’s prudent to share a clear picture of how you envision projects will progress and conclude. Otherwise, customers are likely to pester you about updates and further clarifications. A clear vision presented via a plan combines with a customer portal to showcase a customer-first mentality that can entice new leads.

The prevalence of technology has made customer-first more important in IT than ever before, especially as the average consumer grows familiar with service portals to the point of such portals becoming expected. Businesses should prioritize clear and organized portals, while also sharing a clear and firm project vision, to truly emphasize a customer-first ideology.


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