The four-part harmony that made the ITSM Global Podcast sing in New Orleans

A tireless team, great hosts, smart guests and supportive vendor sponsors

How many ITSM and technology professionals does it take to screw in the light bulb? If the light bulb is the ITSM Global Podcast and the term “professional” is used loosely, then, in New Orleans, it took 4 GoTo Marketers, 2 amazing hosts, 29 crazy smart guests and 3 amazing vendor sponsors.

The challenge with the global ITSM podcast is that it actually does take a village to make it happen. It needs hosts who are smart, personable and understand the marketplace from the inside. A team of coordinators, video editors and dreamers is also essential. Most importantly, it requires guests willing to give their time and in this case, travel to a different venue. Pulling each podcast together also needs the green lubricant that makes the world go round. This year at Fusion 15 we are thankful for the support that Cherwell Software, LANDESK and The Service Desk Institute (SDI) provided to make it happen.

For those who just see a bunch of 10-minute interviews on a YouTube channel or listen on SoundCloud, let me enlighten you about some of the many elements of the finished product.

Let’s start with the pre-show event management discussions that sometimes go our way and in this case, didn’t. We then had to arrange for an external venue to record at a cost that made sense. There were sponsorship sales, PR announcements, speaker coordination, local audio-visual interviews and travel arrangements to organize and manage. We had 6 people onsite working a very long day to set up, record, real-time edit, transcribe, coordinate guests and host our guests. Following the show, we had to complete editing, render, add after-effects, upload, create the social messaging, and write a thank-you blog and put it in the queue.

I keep asking myself, “Are we crazy?” Then things like this happen.
Vendors that believe in community, such as Cherwell, LANDESK and SDI, invest in our mission.
Amazing guests, such as Erika Flora (Beyond20), Sherry Chang (Intel), Rob Stroud (Forrester), Tessa Troubridge (SDI) and David Mainville (Navvia) and every single guest, agree to leave the hotel where the conference was being held and come to another hotel to share their knowledge with the marketplace.  Finally, the team puts blinders on and focuses on doing more interviews during a single day than we have ever done!

All that said, I want to express my most sincere thank you to the folks at SDI, LANDESK and Cherwell Software for their support of the community and podcast. I want to thank the team – Carlos Casanova, Kirstie Magowan, Melanie Adamich, Francisco Piñeiro and Lucas Tesone – for all the hard work before, during and after the event. A big thank you to our guest hosts that added their voice to the podcasts – Mark Smalley, Greg Sanker, Suresh GP, Matt Hooper, Jarod Greene and Tristan Boot. Finally, a big thank you to all the guests who made our job easier by arriving at the recording venue ready to share.

Please make some time to watch, listen and read the words of wisdom these amazing people capture and share with the community!

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William Goddard

William Goddard

William Goddard is the founder and Chief Motivator at IT Chronicles. His passion for anything remotely associated with IT and the value it delivers to the business through people and technology is almost like a sickness. He gets it! And wants the world to understand the value of being a technology focused business in a technological world.