Digital Transformers – How they’re Changing our Culture

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Implementing any proposed changes, no matter how small or large, can cause a shift in management and its protocols. Often changes in management approaches and strategies affect organizational culture; yet company cultures can also drive management of change initiatives. It’s a two-way street that can ignite new innovative initiatives to drive a better team and influence efficiency.

Operating in a digitally dominant world, one of the latest initiatives that has been affecting organizational cultural shifts is the rise of the digital transformers.

Digital transformers and silos

 These are the responsible catalysts for changing the processes of when organizations overhaul and reorder its capabilities to reach new highs of digital optimization within their operations. This includes the need for employers and employees alike in any organization to adopt new processes, mechanisms, ways of working, and approaches to breaking down operational barriers; which are sometimes known as ‘organizational silos’.

Such ‘organisational silos’ describe the mentality of departments which do not wish to share information with others in the same company; essentially enclosing themselves to new ideas and proposals, and restricting themselves to change. This is known to be harmful to businesses and their optimistic prospects to grow; declining opportunities to keep up with the trends of today and see the positive impacts adapting to changes can create is never a good idea.

However, as with any upgrade in management, changing the culture to suit new initiatives has to be supported both ways (again, a two-way street), as an organization’s culture must be adaptive and proactive. This means that an effective culture change is critical to successful digital transformation, and vice versa. Nonetheless, as in any place of business and throughout its multifaceted culture, some will be more eager to transform than others will (which comes back to the restrictive ‘silo mentality’). This can sometimes create a culture gap and slow down the initiatives to implement changes; and who wants that in a rapidly developing world filled with endless possibilities?

Change is an ongoing process

In today’s organizational environments, changes occur more often and should not be seen as a ‘once in a while’ phenomena. This promotes a thriving, proactive and intuitive organization. Integrating with developing technologies and new software solutions to enable a more agile work environment allows for a state of constant revolution and innovation; and isn’t that more exciting than staying in a silo?

After all, that is what companies aim to achieve with the availability and access they can choose to have to new technologies and digital transformation systems. So go on out there and find one that’s right for you!

Information provided by Meliorate.

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Ewelina Marek

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