What’s in IT 4me? Adventures in Trust, Conversations and Collaboration

4me event

One of the best organisation names I’ve come across that represented my experience at this year’s 4me Connect Event. As neither a customer or partner, it was with great interest that I accepted the invitation to be included on the speakers program. This and the amazing opportunity to be on the SS Rotterdam – fabulous venue under the diamonds and stars of La Fontaine room and a ship history of design forward thinking that provided inspiration and relevant content when it came to my topic on Trust, Conversations and Collaboration. 

“Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish”

Jean de La Fontaine

What impressed me most was observing how closely the 4me team work together and took every opportunity to collaborate on the questions asked and the natural sharing of their knowledge and experience. There is a deep belief in the team about why and what they are creating that I found even the developer sessions and demonstrations were not just what is usually considered ‘boring techy stuff’. It is observable that 4me genuinely enjoy their partner interactions and happily made their formal announcement of a new member of the 4me ‘partner family’ Service-Flow Corp.

As fellow contributors to VeriSMTM, Martijn Adams asked initially if I would present VeriSMTM ‘basics’ however our discussions led deeper into the 4me services and the philosophy that drives their business. The ‘basics’ turned into a 45 minute session focussed around understanding and using the interactions between People to Technology, People to Process and People to People. 

An interactive experiment, involving 18 rather surprised and curious members of the audience, demonstrated key points of trust, conversation and collaboration that is needed in our shifting digital environment. The next chapter of our storyline outlined the ‘what is’ of VeriSMTM being end-to-end Value Driven, staying up-to-date through Evolution, tailoring our approach to stay Responsive and doing what makes sense in the context of our unique business’ by Integrating the capabilities that exist across the orgnanisation (not just what is in IT). Weaving the pieces together is the core of the VeriSM Mesh. As you look at your own mesh of resources and management practices you can see how one thread can pull and/or distort another thread within the context of the gravitational field of the particular environment and emerging technologies.

Finding that perfect balance for me is about being a mixologist and a natural extension to ‘tending the bar’. Not just the purview of the bar industry but a great concept parable. Mixologists design, align and mix the frameworks, approaches and capabilities available within the style of the business and context you’re working in. A great mixologists is one that goes to great lengths to prepare the core, arriving well before the time the delivery gate is opened. They seek to push the boundaries of the standards that exist and although include the careful and precise delivery of the highest quality capabilities, move beyond the experience of the service or product to tantalise and positively affect the senses of the customer.

We went deeper still into guiding principles and understanding the flow of Human Transition through emotional intelligence, techniques such as the Trust Canvas and building people’s skills to be resilient in a world of constant change as opposed to being resistant. That takes transparency and incorporating a toolbox of approaches and techniques.

Entering the world of wild collaboration and harnessing the knowledge and wisdom that exists is about connecting the space/time continuum of the business with the capability distribution of mass and energy across the organisation. It’s about assessing the symbiotic relationships that exists through the interactions of the business and shifting it to one of Mutualism. This can only be done by triggering the ‘Positive Response’ environment that takes curiosity, excitement, managing insecurities, trust, and focus on what makes you unique.

In essence, the concoction I presented works in both directions…

“Collaboration leads to Conversations opening Communication making things

more Transparent allowing greater Trust.”

It is interesting how all the sessions from the 4me CEO to our closing keynote speaker reflected the elements of the above. The life lessons and motivating talk by Marc Lammers, coach of the Netherlands women’s Olympic gold winning field hockey team, highlighted the need to focus on the positive – physically, mentally and emotionally. Marc created an ongoing buzz, not afraid to talk about his own leadership mistakes and how he turned himself around, not just his team. His skill at relating it to the 4me partners and customers everyday work life is wonderful.

It was a privilege to be on the program. I might add the tea breaks and evening networking sessions were fabulous. 4me certainly do run an elegant affair. 😉

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Simone Moore

Simone Moore

Thought provoking, interesting and relevant, Simone Jo Moore probes the hearts and minds of what makes business and IT tick and jumpstart people’s thinking to evolve behaviour and actions at any level. Known as the Mixologist, a senior consultant, master trainer, course author, podcast co-host & mentor in various areas such as VeriSM, ITIL, DevOps, Resilia and KCS, Simone combines this with her HR and Organisational Change background for a deep leadership experience. You’ll find her actively engaged in the industry and across social media sharing her 20+ years of experience