“AI is the New Electricity” – Learn More from Andrew Ng at AI Frontiers

AI Frontiers

The AI Frontiers Conference is happening on Nov 3rd and 4th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. This conference will bring together AI leaders and industry experts from AI giants including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and AI rising stars like NVIDIA, Uber, and Vicarious. The luminaries include Andrew Ng, Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera, Xuedong Huang, Chief Scientist of Microsoft, and Ruhi Sarikaya, Director of Amazon Alexa, among many others.

Andrew Ng is scheduled to deliver his keynote speech on Day 1. He co-founded the Google Brain project in 2011, Ng went ahead to build Coursera, the largest online education platform. He later became Chief Scientist at Baidu but has since left to focus on his new adventure Deeplearning.ai. Ng believes “AI is the new electricity”.

Xuedong Huang, Microsoft Technical Fellow in AI and Research and the company’s Chief Speech Scientist, will be sharing major lessons learned in advancing modern conversational assistants from Cortana to customer support service.

Ruhi Sarikaya from Amazon Alexa and Research Scientist from Google Home will share the technology behind conversational technology in the home assistant devices.

Jeff Schneider, engineering lead at Uber Advanced Technology Center and a research professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and Danny Shapiro from NVIDIA will be sharing the latest development in autonomous driving and how AI is poised to revolutionize the transportation system.

The event will also bring together other exciting talks on subjects that range from personal assistants, robots, video understanding, to autonomous driving, AI in games, and much more.

You can register at http://bit.ly/aiFrontiers.

In addition to the inspiring and informational talks, learn from the best in the industry by attending the training sessions about the latest natural language processing techniques with deep learning and deep reinforcement learning. Trainers are Yuandong Tian from Facebook AI lab, and SK Reddy a serial entrepreneur with successful exits.

This event will provide great networking opportunities to connect with fellow researchers and enthusiasts, hiring teams, entrepreneurs and VCs at the dinner banquet.

For more information please go to www.aifrontiers.com

Source – PR Newswire

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Kirstie Magowan

Kirstie Magowan

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