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Oceans99 comes to itSMF Norway

The party will already be underway at itSMF Norway’s “ITSM with Superheroes of the World” as I write this, but there is one more exciting happening at this event that deserves a mention.

If you are interested in the complex world of cyber security, then the Oceans99 simulation game being conducted by Jan Schilt of GamingWorks as part of the pre-conference events is going to be very interesting.

Protecting business systems and customer information against outside threats is an issue that no organization can afford to ignore. I am a big fan of “learning by doing” through serious games or business simulations, so I was very interested to chat with Jan about this game.

More work needed

“When Resilia® came into the market we were invited by Axelos to come over the UK and run the Oceans99 version 1. Unfortunately the subject matter experts were not that enthusiastic about the game, they felt that it was too artificial and they felt that it was too far away from IT”.

With that feedback the team from GamingWorks sat down and discussed exactly what would be a better fit, after that Jan realized that there was more work to be done to tie the game closer to IT and IT Service management.

“I went back to my office and threw everything in the bin, I kept the context and decided to develop a more IT-oriented simulation. I kept the same premise of shipping objects from London, Amsterdam and Las Vegas to the Tokyo Museum.

“We added in some young people trying to hack systems, some competitors who are looking to steal IP and some serious hackers who are after credit card information.”

“Now people can link this to their real day-to-day work. We tested the game out with two master classes, one in Switzerland and one in London.

More than Technology

One of the pleasing things about these workshops for Jan was that people were not discussing technology, they were looking more closely at the people aspect of security.

Jan is running the full simulation in Oslo and hopes that people will come away understanding cyber security principles, not just as it relates to Resilia. “We want them to have a basic grasp of what a policy is, what a strategy, what is risk and what is threat and how can we apply these principles in our own environments”.

I look forward to hearing how the game goes in Norway.

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Kirstie Magowan

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