Your Digital Transformation Journey Starts at Knowledge18


Digital transformation, digital disruption, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML)…these are the new phrases that we are bombarded with at every turn. You could be left feeling that if your business has not embarked on a journey of digital transformation then you have missed a very important ride and have been left well behind the competition.

But do not fear, this is a journey that progresses at a different rate for every business and one that you can jump on to when you are ready to embrace the advantages it promises for your enterprise.

Digital transformation is a topic that you will see discussed at virtually every important technology-focussed event in 2018. It is a concept that is growing and expanding through all areas of business. It is happening fast, and at a rate that has taken many organizations by surprise. Many companies are struggling with the impact that this new digital world is having on their business. In the future it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for traditional bricks and mortar businesses to survive without embracing a substantial digital element to maintain their competitiveness and viability.

Just where does the road to a digital enabled business start? The answer to that is actually quite simple – wherever you want it to. There is no simple, or one-size-fits-all solution, like every other aspect  of digital and how service management fits in, you need to tailor the technologies, frameworks and pathways to suit your own business objectives.

Businesses need a platform that can enable their digital transformation journey to help them reach their goals and deliver true business value. That is the space that ServiceNow is striving to fill for the modern enterprise, and if the numbers are anything to go by, they must be doing something right.

Today’s IT department has critical roles to play within the organization and these roles will continue to develop as the influence of the digital transformation evolves and keeps growing.

IT Service Management (ITSM), as we understood it 10 or 15 years ago, has changed. Managing servers, applications and networks has given way to a new digital enterprise that reaches far beyond the tradition realms of the IT department. If ITSM does not mature and embrace these changes, it will become obsolete. And, ITSM can be a great place to start.

We are now living in a world where nothing short of 100% uptime is tolerated by consumers, outages see customers quickly searching for alternative solutions  and jumping ship. Customer loyalty does not exist to the degree that it has in the past and IT must ensure that service outages are a thing of the past.

Security incidents are happening every day and the way that a business can deal with these will have a huge impact on their success. Being able to resolve security issues and eliminate vulnerabilities quickly is now a critical component for any successful enterprise. I am sure security operations and how ServiceNow enables IT operations will be one of the hot topics at Knowledge18.

Customer satisfaction is closely tied to the speed and efficiency of solving issues. ITSM needs to prove its worth in this area. Finding ways to improve customer services for the people who pay the bills needs to be a priority.

Providing a seamless, consumerized customer or employee experience will improve everyone’s morale, increase productivity and have a positive effect on the bottom line for the business.

ServiceNow customers attending Knowledge18 in Las Vegas in May will be able to learn how the ServiceNow platform can enable them to start on the digital transformation journey and deliver true business value. For those organizations already on the journey, they will surely find other ways to accelerate the benefits they are providing to the business.

IT Chronicles are privileged to be able to cover Knowledge18 as a part of the media contingent. Our team will be interviewing ServiceNow executives, customers and practitioners, bringing you the news as it happens from Las Vegas. If you want to be part of the story of Knowledge 8, click here to register your interest in being interviewed at the event.

We would like to thanks ServiceNow and the Knowledge18 event organizers for giving us the opportunity, once again, to bring the everyday voice from Knowledge18 to the market as it happens.

To keep track of the breaking news from Knowledge18, follow IT Chronicles on Twitter and we will deliver the key announcements as they happen.

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William Goddard

William Goddard

William Goddard is the founder and Chief Motivator at IT Chronicles. His passion for anything remotely associated with IT and the value it delivers to the business through people and technology is almost like a sickness. He gets it! And wants the world to understand the value of being a technology focused business in a technological world.