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A gift for you

There was a wonderful Christmas gift from itSMF Norway for any ITSMers planning to head to Norway in April for the “Service Management with Superheroes of the World” event at the Clarion Hotel, Oslo Airport.

The presenters for the workshop day prior to the main event have been decided, and the list represents a real ‘who’s who’ of IT Service Management, with a range of topics that will satisfy even the most discerning ITSM appetite.

Speaking Norwegian is not a prerequisite for gaining value from these workshops, there are workshops on great topics available in English, so language is no barrier to conference attendance.

Spoiled for choice

If you are interested in Configuration Management, then you will have the choice of attending workshops from Piia Karvonen or Carlos Casanova. Piia will use a game to show how you can create a CMDB without using any ITSM tools. Carlos will lead you in moving from your current configuration management state to the desired state – ‘bridging the gap with configuration management’.

One of my favorite presenters, Karen Ferris will lead a workshop on building an effective communication plan for an ITSM improvement initiative, an essential element of organizational change management – an area that virtually every organization needs to invest more time and effort into.

If you want to find out more about using lean methodologies to achieve improvements in efficiency and cost effectiveness, then Reni Friis has a workshop for you. Here you will learn to understand the DNA of Lean and discover waste and identify sources for improvements, helping you to identify and remove barriers for success.

More on SIAM

At every conference I have attended in the past 12 months there has been a buzz around SIAM. Kevin Holland will present a workshop that will help you to understand in more detail what SIAM actually is, and how it can be applied in your own organization. Kevin promises to deliver practical advice and educate you on the pitfalls that you need to avoid.

Learn more on Security

Security Management is one area that no organization can afford to ignore. Paul Wilkinson will facilitate the Oceans™ simulation, set in a Tokyo Museum, where a Tokyo bank has decided to organize an exhibition of three very famous objects. The Oceans99 Criminal team has plans to steal these objects. You will need to develop an information security policy, security plans, perform a risk analysis, implement measures and execute the project. Will the bank realize a Return on Investment or will the exhibition become a drama? It is all up to you!

Cybersecurity will be the focus of a workshop facilitated by Robert Stroud. Robert will show you how you can use the NIST Cybersucrity framework to support a cyber event. The workshop will include roleplay where the attendees will be asked to take on roles, and see how they react. Robert promises an almost PowerPoint free, highly interactive workshop.

Improving communication

If you want to improve your communication skills to help you provide a better and more responsive service to your customers, then Simone Jo Moore has a workshop just for you. Simone will work with you, using some fun exercises to show how vocal elements can influence your perception. Use some easy techniques that will improve productivity in your voice interactions with your customer.

Stay tuned for more

Stay tuned for more information on workshops from John Walhoff, Charles Betz and a joint workshop using LEGO Mindstorms Education from Thomas Fejfer and Stefan Brahmer.






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