Kepner-Tregoe brings advanced problem solving to ServiceNow Users

problem solving

Problem solving is a skill that is invaluable in business, particularly in the field of information Technology.

Kepner-Tregoe has lead the way in problem solving methodologies for more than 50 years, and is heralding the development of a new problem solving simulation product during Knowledge17.

Kepner-Tregoe is a Bronze level sponsor of the annual Service Now conference, being held this year at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, from May 7-11.

“We are not only excited to meet our many clients at Knowledge 17, but also share the features and benefits of our newest products and services with everyone who is equally passionate about and committed to increasing IT stability in the most efficient and effective manner possible,” said Christoph Goldenstern, Global VP of Strategy and Service Excellence.

The new Advanced Incident Management Plug-In for ServiceNow, has been developed to empower Incident Managers to resolve major incidents, thereby providing enterprises with increased value from their problem solving activities. To do this the plug-in:

  • Drives structured thinking and makes critical data visible at a glance
  • Enables Incident Managers to restore service faster
  • Integrates with standard incident records
  • Ensures automated hand-over of critical knowledge from Incident Manger to Problem Manager (when both Kepner-Tregoe plugins are used)
  • Drives adoption and maximizes the ROI of ServiceNow implementations

“At Kepner-Tregoe, we have always placed primary emphasis on the training as well as the adoption of new skills and to drive behavior change and consequently measurable results as the most-critical component of optimum problem solving and performance of a company’s IT team,” said Goldenstern. “This is why we want to demonstrate our KT Troubleshooting Simulation at Knowledge 17.”

According to Goldenstern, the KT Troubleshooting Simulation was developed to get organizations to results even faster. Learners are not only able to practice their problem-solving skills in a safe-to-fail environment, but also in a variety of settings: hands-on group practice, challenging exercises and live in-person coaching sessions with a certified KT expert.

The KT Troubleshooting Simulation also includes a number of new features. The product now includes as a workshop add-on, stand-alone sessions for those already confident with KT process, and it allows for the development of certified facilitators.

Visitors to Knowledge 17 are invited to visit the Kepner-Tregoe stand to find out more about this new development in the problem solving space.

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William Goddard

William Goddard

William Goddard is the founder and Chief Motivator at IT Chronicles. His passion for anything remotely associated with IT and the value it delivers to the business through people and technology is almost like a sickness. He gets it! And wants the world to understand the value of being a technology focused business in a technological world.

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