Listening to Hear – Not Listening to Speak

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I recently wrote a blog about the importance of communication within organisational change management and the need for a comprehensive communication plan.

I talked about the importance of raising awareness and soliciting opinions by asking. What is even more important is listening. Listening is an art in itself.

In my book “Balanced Diversity — A Portfolio Approach to Organisational Change’ I wrote:

“The practices of ‘ask’ and ‘listen’ are key during times of ITSM change. When making an ITSM change, we can expect, anticipate and plan for resistance. We can determine where the resistance may come from, what it may look like and how it can be addressed before it has a detrimental impact on the success of the change.


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Karen Ferris is an internationally acclaimed speaker with a reputation for providing both strategic and practical advice and insights for organisations in their implementation and maintenance of efficient and effective service management and organisational change. Karen has the ability to share her experience and knowledge with every audience and individual within that audience, so everyone is empowered with the ability to make a difference within their organisation. Karen has been delivering presentations since 1999 and has been acclaimed as ‘inspiring’, ‘thought provoking’, ‘insightful’, and ‘providing practical and useable guidance’. She has worked as a service management practitioner, trainer, consultant and manager since 1994 and has assisted organisations across a breadth and range of industries in their service management initiatives. Awarded the inaugural Service Management Champion accolade by the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) Australia in 2007, she was also awarded the Presidents Prize for best speaker at the Australian National Conference in 2005. In 2014, she was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award by itSMF Australia for her contribution to the service management industry. Karen's company - Macanta - delivers online training at Macanta Training