• My IT Improvement Mantra

    My IT Improvement Mantra

    Effective, Efficient and Energizing One of the most satisfying parts of my work as an IT management consultant is helping IT departments improve how they work. This is usually related to my mains areas of interest, application management and business information management, but the principles apply equally to other areas. I’m particularly pleased with how
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  • Resistance to Change – It Can Be a Good Thing!

    Resistance to Change – It Can Be a Good Thing!

    Whenever a change is introduced into the organization there will inevitably be resistance to it. Whether it is a change to an ITSM process, a change in supporting technology, or a service improvement initiative, it will impact people and therefore resistance to change will occur. Every person is different and will react to change in
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  • A note to my friend DevOps from ITIL®

    A note to my friend DevOps from ITIL®

    Welcome to town The welcome card is on your mat and I’ve baked you cookies, so come on in! Let me introduce myself more formally as it looks to me like ‘we got off on the wrong foot’, so to speak. I’m ITIL I’m an oldie but a keeper. I’ve kept myself in great shape
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  • Getting Engaged in Las Vegas

    Getting Engaged in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas might lose its shine when you head there for the third time in one year, but when the AllThingsITSM Global Podcast team was invited to record conversations at BMC Engage we found some new shiny things to focus on. Some may think of BMC as a mature company that is not about innovation
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  • Service Management and Me (and you too!)

    Service Management and Me (and you too!)

    All of my jobs have been service jobs I will come back to this, and how it likely applies to you too, shortly. First though, I want to invite you to step into my memory for a brief tour of my service management journey thus far. My first job was manning a concession stand at
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  • Connecting IT through ITSM

    Connecting IT through ITSM

    Our Digital Journey starts at BMC Engage Having been in IT for over 20 years, the digital journey for the enterprise is a very exciting place to be these days. The convergence of technology with consumer patterns is changing the way business operates. For those who embrace and deliver on this successfully, it can be
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  • Say “Sayonara” to Cost Centers,

    Say “Sayonara” to Cost Centers,

    And say “How Do You Do” to Service Centers If you had the choice of taking a cab or an Uber, which would you choose? You probably opt for the vehicle where predictability comes first and no cash ever exchanges hands. Feeling lazy and strapped for time, but still want a home-cooked meal? With one-click,
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  • Joining things up = progress: a connection between Physics and DevOps?

    Joining things up = progress: a connection between Physics and DevOps?

    It sometimes seems IT is just one endless stream of brand new things; service management tempers that a little. Service is an old concept, one that has been delivering customer outcomes for centuries. New things are supposed to be better than old ones, seeing similarities to the past can help us avoid repeating mistakes and
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