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  • A Nobel prize for IT Paradigmology

    A Nobel prize for IT Paradigmology

    In my quest for the Nobel prize for IT Paradigmology, I’ve been trying to come up with equivalent of an E=MC2 for IT. The topic that I most recently had in mind is an expression for the value that organizations get from their investments in information systems. This post takes you through my thinking and
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  • Project Output vs. Project Outcome

    Project Output vs. Project Outcome

    Rearranging the Deckchairs on the Titanic From time to time I give a talk called ‘Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic’ for project managers. For instance, for the PMI communities in Singapore and Poland. The title is a reference to how some project managers are so focused on delivering the project output, that they neglect
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  • The Imperative of Organizational Change

    The Imperative of Organizational Change

    Leveraging tools to aid adoption Agile, DevOps, LeanIT, ITSM, CyberSecurity, Big Data – these are just some of the practices that have burst on to the scene as ‘buzzwords’ over the past several years. These are now some of the biggest drivers of corporate IT initiatives. What they have in common is that they all
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  • IT Integration – More than ‘Nice to Have’

    IT Integration – More than ‘Nice to Have’

    Stop acting like you work in IT Are you still working in an IT department that is physically and culturally separated from the “real” business? Does the business develop their strategy in one room, while you work on the IT capabilities to support that in another, hoping that the two parts will be able to
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  • The Digital Enterprise

    The Digital Enterprise

    When the business is the IT service provider Your organisation might not be a unicorn like Amazon and Netflix but there’s a likelihood that it’s a digital enterprise. That’s an enterprise with which customers – and other stakeholders – have non-trivial interactions via a digital interface. This may be in addition to old-fashioned personal interactions.
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  • Digital Enterprise DevOps

    Digital Enterprise DevOps

    The concept of the digital enterprise has been on my mind for quite a while. As a consumer and citizen, I deal with public and private organizations via their digital holograms. While some interactions are convenient, others are frustrating. I’ve explored this in Uncompromising algorithms + inconsiderate humans = poor service. From my professional perspective
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  • The Service Level Agreement – Getting it Right

    The Service Level Agreement – Getting it Right

    How to ace an SLA Preparation for any industry The preparation of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) can consume a great amount of time and money. Moreover, it can also cause a major headache as it can lead to an increase in bureaucracy and psychological obstacles for the team members involved. There are also considerations
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  • A Project Management Parable

    A Project Management Parable

    Project Chicken From time to time, particularly at project management conferences, I tell a little story about when my father, in his late eighties, decided that he wanted to start keeping chickens. This was a couple of years after my mother died, shortly after their sixtieth wedding anniversary. He lived independently on the outskirts of
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