Daniel Breston

Daniel has been described as an IT Improvement Detective because he searches for the reasons why things are not working and then finds ways to make IT services and operations better, easier and more effective. This typically leads to real cost savings, but not by cutting staff. His desire to understand everything he can about the organisations he works with, by asking the right questions, led to the company name – Qriosity – being deeply curious is what differentiates Daniel and Qriosity from other ITSM consultancy firms.

Latest from Daniel Breston

  • The Axelos Consulting Partner Programme

    The Axelos Consulting Partner Programme

    My continuing thoughts… In early May I wrote a blog about the Axelos Consulting Partner Programme (ACP) from the view of small agencies (1-3 people) after digesting their announcement and reading comments from the ITSM community (blogs, Facebook Back2ITSM page, etc.). Axelos were interested in our concerns and so invited us for a further discussion
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  • The Small ITSM Consultant Dilemma

    The Small ITSM Consultant Dilemma

    An ITSM consultant memory of mine I was an IT director for a major bank when it was decreed by management that we would have an audit of our maturity level from some ITSM consultants, assistance with our current processes and tools, and a strategy for improvement. I had neither asked for this nor was
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