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How Is AI Transforming PCB World?

Artificial intelligence is making a new world where everything is automated. Electronic components are getting advanced using artificial intelligence systems, and connectivity to the Internet

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AI technology

Advances in AI and the Economy

AI technology advancements can help boost the economy. The arrival of the novel coronavirus caused severe economic consequences. As we attempted to protect workers and

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Alexa AI

Is Alexa an AI?

Is Amazon Alexa AI? Amazon’s digital voice assistant is one of the market leaders in a small field whose products are evolving through the continued

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Is Google an AI

Is Google an AI?

The Google AI ecosystem consists of a range of applications and platforms that have artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) incorporated into their underlying

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Is Siri AI

Is Siri AI?

Apple’s Siri is one of a group of virtual assistants capable of performing a wide range of everyday tasks and interacting with users in a

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