Dan Ortega

Dan Ortega’s career spans over 20 years of experience as both a senior executive with multiple Fortune 500 technology companies, including Sun Microsystems, SAP, and BMC, as well as extensive experience as a VP of Marketing for a series of successful start-ups such as Metacode Technologies and Astoria Software. Dan’s focus areas includes data analytics, mobility, SaaS, enterprise software, and content management. Dan graduated from the University of Michigan, and lives in Berkeley.

Latest from Dan Ortega

  • The Cold/Warm Embrace of IoT

    The Cold/Warm Embrace of IoT

    What drives adoption of IoT at the consumer level? Presumably convenience (easy to set up and use), enablement (delivers promised value), and (depending on the product) cost. At the top level, there are going to be two types of “things”. Those we see (or interact with directly), and those we don’t.  The ones we see
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  • IoT and Security – Same as Always, Only More So

    IoT and Security – Same as Always, Only More So

    Chuck Martin over at MediaPost recently wrote an article with some interesting insights on consumer perspectives on IoT. While there are a boxful of statistics, the ones that jumped out were: 14% of consumers surveyed think they are knowledgeable on IoT security 90% think that security is something that should come standard with whatever they
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  • IoT –  Am I pleased or frightened?

    IoT – Am I pleased or frightened?

    IoT has become a very noisy space recently; driven by the fact that a significant part of the operating framework for the current wave of interest is being driven by consumer applications (e.g. wearables, smart homes, etc.). If you want the masses excited, you have to be the noisiest kid on the block, because everyone
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  • IoT and the Cheerfully Oblivious Customer

    IoT and the Cheerfully Oblivious Customer

    Functions within companies that service end-user needs have historically relied on their customer’s transactional data to determine interests, habits and use of existing products and services. The analysis is is often pretty straight-forward (the customer bought tires 4 years ago, at 12,000 miles per year, they’re ready for a new set), or e.g. collaborative filtering;
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  • How Infrastructure Convergence Drives IoT

    How Infrastructure Convergence Drives IoT

    For those of us who have spent their careers in the technology space, having a long-term perspective helps to recognize cyclical shifts in the introduction of disruptive technologies.  In the early days, it was Darpanet (80s), which led to the Worldwide Web (90s), then mobility (late 90s/early 2000s), then social media (2004) and now IoT,
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