Biggest Customer Service Sins to Avoid

customer service sins to avoid

Customer service is all about catering to your customer’s needs, and the department can help businesses and companies connect directly with their customers. If you own a business that you want to grow rapidly, working on your customer service skills might be the best decision for now.

You must have come across many articles and blogs on the internet that tell you what you should do to offer excellent customer service. However, you must know what you should NOT do if you want to provide exceptional customer service. We have a list of common customer service sins that you must avoid if you’re going to retain your customers and make your business grow, so let’s get right into it:

  1. Making customers wait

Your biggest customer service sin is making your customers wait several minutes to contact you or putting them on hold for too long. Longer waiting times eventually make customers lose interest in the service and switch to other companies that respond promptly.

The best way to avoid making your customers wait is by offering 24/7 assistance. For instance, companies like Xtream Internet provide round-the-clock customer support to help solve all the service-related problems their customers face. To learn more about Xtream Internet’s customer service, visit the link and get a representative to cater to your requests immediately. 

  1. Telling customers, they are wrong.

It’s a common saying that the customer is always right. Well, it’s true for a reason. Proving your customer that they are wrong might be the worst mistake you could make. You can’t always agree with them because you know your product or service better than them. So when customers contact you with a problem, it’s only because they’re unfamiliar.

Instead of telling your customers they are wrong, you can politely guide them better about our products or services. Give them all the information they need to understand your service well. Never get into the blame game. It will only make your service look unprofessional.

  1. Not taking responsibility

When a frustrated customer reaches out to customer support with a complaint, it probably has more to do with the product or service and not with your department specifically. But remember, the customer service rep is there to take it on behalf of the whole team and assist the customers. So never avoid taking responsibility just because it’s not your fault. 

Instead of telling your customers that it’s some other department’s fault, always approach them by apologizing for the inconvenience. Assure them that you’re looking into the matter and that the company will take care of it. This way, the customer will feel more satisfied and understood.

  1. Overpromising customers

There are times when customer service representatives promise things to their customers just to settle down the matter for the time being, but that’s not the perfect solution. You should always avoid staying untrue to your customers at all costs. Making empty promises that you know you can’t fulfill will only make your customers lose trust in your service. 

Let your customers know how long it can take to get their issue resolved so tie expectations with you accordingly. Never say, ‘We’re looking into the matter, especially when you’re not. Try to keep a straightforward approach if you want to retain your customer’s loyalty.

  1. Ignoring customers’ feedback

Feedbacks from customers are always a valuable source to cover the area where your services lack and, most importantly, get insights into the customers’ opinions. One mistake you’re probably making is ignoring those feedback. 

Your customer service team might be well-trained and know all about the services and products, but you should always be open to considering suggestions from your customers. It will help your business grow and make your customers feel more valued and respected.

  1. Not offering multi-channel support.

Are you still offering a single channel for your customers to reach out to you? Well, it is high time that you stop making this mistake. Considering different preferences of people, some might prefer support through chat while others find it easy to connect on call. For some customers reaching out to support teams through social media could be an easy option, while others prefer email support. 

As a company that wants to grow its business and has more satisfied customers, you must spread your customer support to multiple channels. Learn more about what your customers expect you to provide and spread your customer service beyond standard options. 

  1. Not checking up on customers.

Are you leaving your customers there and then once the issue is resolved? Well, that’s where you’re making a mistake. You must check up on your customers even after you have answered their queries or gotten their issues resolved to check if there are any unresolved matters or if your customers are satisfied enough with your services. This will help you build a strong relationship with your customers, and they will surely come back to your services again without any hesitation. 

Customer Service Sins – Wrapping up

Offering customer service isn’t always that easy of a task. It always comes with a lot of risks and challenges. But improving your services from time to time is what brings your profit and growth. The above-mentioned are some of the common customer service sins that departments are making, knowing or unknowingly. But if you’re working on gaining loyal customers that stick around for a longer time with you, avoid making these mistakes now.

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Aabroo Saeed

Aabroo Saeed

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