Mark Woeppel

Mark Woeppel is founder and president of Pinnacle Strategies, an international management consulting firm working to improve productivity in project management and processes. He frequently writes on the subject of execution performance, having written three books —Manufacturer’s Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints and Projects in Less Time: A Synopsis of Critical Chain and most recently, Visual Project Management; Simplifying Project Execution to Deliver on Time and On Budget. He has also penned numerous white papers and eBooks on project execution and has taught or lectured at several universities, including Northwestern Kellogg School, California Institute of Technology, and the University of Kansas.

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  • Five Ways to Improve Your Project Plan

    Five Ways to Improve Your Project Plan

    All over the world, promising projects quickly morph into unmanageable creatures, exceeding budgets and eating up time. In response, the collective finger of blame points to everyone’s favorite excuse: bad planning. If poor planning is responsible for failure, then it would stand to reason that good planning should be the savior. So many of us
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