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Harnessing Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Improve Marketing ROI

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Read on to learn about Salesforce Marketing Cloud, an end-to-end SaaS platform with over 30% of the overall CRM market share as of 2021

Businesses these days spend a lot of their time and money on multiple marketing channels. Nevertheless, these marketing efforts won’t yield results when you don’t connect with your customers correctly across the touch points. So, what’s the solution to understanding the customer better and communicating with a relevant message? The answer is CRM.

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is the heart of marketing for most brands to get the best marketing results for their business. You need to choose the right CRM platform to better connect with your customers at the right time with the right message to accelerate your revenue growth. This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) comes into the picture— an end-to-end SaaS platform with over 30% of the overall CRM market share as of 2021. 

SFDC Marketing Cloud is a CRM platform designed for marketers to help them manage customer-centric campaigns and customer relationships. It allows you to understand your customers better and provide them with a personalized experience across their customer journey. Ultimately, marketers can send personalized messages, through the right channel, at the right time.

It is also an extensive marketing automation platform that improves the efficiency of marketing processes across marketing channels, including email, social media, mobile apps, SMS, websites, and more. Provides marketers with a uniquely designed set of tools. The tools help marketers interact and manage their brand’s connection with their present and potential customers. 

Organizations invest in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to combine all marketing channels in one place. Companies implement SFMC that is a right fit for their marketing process with the help of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant

An SFMC consultant helps you implement the marketing platform so that you can connect with your customers via various means like digital advertising, email, mobile messaging, website content, social media, etc. This will allow you to easily create custom campaigns, run A/B tests, recognize and track customers and leads, and lots more. All this helps you improve customer journeys and connect with them effectively by offering them reminders and personalized discount offers.  

Important features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is equipped with a range of features and tools that help identify and understand customers personally and reach out to them via social media, mobile advertising, and email. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Partners equip you with a platform that allows you to create customized content for your customers and develop a direct relationship with them. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud consists of two types of modules:

  • Studios: Studios help in managing content and particular marketing channels, for example, Email Studio
  • Builders: Builders help manage data and campaign automation, for example, Journey Builder.

Here are the important features of the Marketing Cloud features you can consider which can add value to your marketing function: 

Email Studio 

Email Studio of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) helps you receive the best ROI from your email marketing efforts. You can create focused one-to-one email communications and deliver the right message at the right time. You can easily build the content and review and test it for the campaign launch. 

Social Studio 

This is an all-purpose social media marketing and management tool. Social Studio helps create customized campaigns to make social media followers their potential customers and retain existing customers as loyal ones. It streamlines the processes of social media and makes way for engagement management, thereby offering customer services across multiple channels. Businesses can create, schedule, and monitor social media posts and take advantage of real-time engagement and rich analytics – all in a unified interface.

Data Studio 

Data Studio helps marketers in finding new audiences and activating data with integration into other channels. You can connect with other publishers and marketers to acquire customer insights and boost revenue with data. 

Advertising Studio 

Advertising Studio helps you align online advertising with your CRM data. It is done by activating customer data for powering digital advertising across platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can manage your ad campaigns at scale and launch them directly from Journey Builder. 

Mobile Studio 

SFDC Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio allows you to have marketing interactions with your customers on the go via push notifications, group messaging, and SMS. The mobile studio is the best tool for delivering time-sensitive messages right to your customer’s device.   

Interaction Studio 

Interaction Studio helps you coordinate offline and online customer experiences using real-time interaction management. You get help in delivering relevant content at different stages of the customer journey. 

Web Studio

Web studio helps you manage web experiences like microsites and landing pages. The CloudPages feature of the Marketing Cloud organizes the entire web content (including forms and coupons). You can collect data to further customize web experiences.

Journey Builder (Marketing Cloud Engagement) 

Journey Builder helps connect the different steps that a customer follows while making a purchase and also the long-term activities of loyalty building. It is a visual mapping solution that creates customized, composite customer journeys via multiple channels at different life cycle stages. 

Automation Studio 

Automation Studio of SFDC Marketing Cloud allows you to create data management and marketing automation activities, then add them to the canvas of Journey Builder for making multi-step automated workflows. Common examples of Activation Studio activities include file transfer, import file, SQL query, data extract, script, and filter.

Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP)

Salesforce DMP helps marketers in collecting contact information from Salesforce and other sources to build extensive customer profiles. This helps with better customer engagement by offering insights into content, commerce, and advertising. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has other components such as Audience Builder, Content Builder, Brand Builder, Analytics Builder, and more that help with automation and data management. All in all, Builders can utilize the items you create in the studios, or studios can utilize the items you create in the builders. For example, Journey Builder can use the activities you create in Automation Studio, and Email Studio can use the content blocks created by you in Content Builder. 

Advantages of Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Better Understanding of Your Customer

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to personalize interactions with your customers. You can collect data on your customers or Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) from multiple devices and sources to create in-depth and consolidated customer knowledge. You can also collect and trigger first, second, and third-party data and offer your customers an enriching experience with your brand. 

Generating Interest Across Important Customer Touchpoints

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps in generating awareness and attention during the customer journey by offering better insights. This allows you to serve your customers in the best possible manner. SFDC Marketing Cloud helps you understand your customer’s needs better and make your organization more customer-driven. 

Customization using Einstein

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps users in combining data with its AI software Einstein. This allows the interactions to be easily managed via AI, and you can personalize customer communications depending on how they interact with your brand.

Building Brand Awareness and Loyalty 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to boost brand awareness and loyalty by helping you track how customers are interacting with your brand. You can measure the performance of your marketing efforts by gauging your customer loyalty and retention rates. 

Creating Custom Dashboards and Reports 

You can receive a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts by creating custom dashboards and reports. This will allow you to analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns and the way customers interact with your business. Also, you can learn about the most powerful channels for reaching out to new customers. 

Promoting Better Data Management

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides optical data management, which helps understand the different phases of the customer’s journey. This, in turn, helps with communicating accurate information and creating a trustworthy relationship with the customer.

Savings on Marketing Expenses

You can save on the costs linked to marketing by automating the processes with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and managing customer relationships more efficiently. This will also help you in targeting specific customers using insights and reports to convert them into leads. 

Scaling Your Marketing Operations 

SFDC Marketing Cloud can help scale your marketing operations as your business grows. You can add new populations, campaigns, or channels to your platform without starting everything from scratch. 

Easy Sharing of Data Across The Organization 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you easily and effectively share data with other departments. This way, you can boost coordination between marketing and other business areas. The data can include leads generated by social media posts/campaigns or email campaigns and customer profiles. 

Integration with Other Tools for Marketing Automation 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be easily integrated with other popular tools for marketing automation, such as HubSpot Sales CRM or Adobe Marketing Cloud. This allows you to manage your different marketing campaigns more efficiently. Integrating third-party apps and other Salesforce apps with the Marketing Cloud helps personalize business objectives and boost the marketing platform’s capabilities.

Having a Properly Defined CTA 

SFMC helps create a precisely defined call-to-action (CTA) that makes way for an effective understanding of customer profile behavior and attributes. This helps engage the customer and is beneficial in the long run. 


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a unique tool for devising marketing automation strategies and offering an end-to-end customized customer experience. It is a powerful tool for businesses by helping them manage their marketing campaigns and tracking results. SFMC benefits both B2B and B2C businesses as it makes them deliver the right messages at the right time to their users. 

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