Free Guidance Available to Help Negotiate a Pathway through GDPR


The law is changing and the way we process and manage personal data is changing from May 25th2018. MyCRM for the past 10 years has been helping organisations with data and offering cloud based services. MyCRM have chosen to help not only their own customers but the general business community by publishing a book, and developing a web resource to help organisations of all sizes meet the GDPR regulatory requirements.

MyCRM CEO and Author – Alistair Dickinson said when interviewed, “Producing a full guide seemed a sensible and appropriate thing to do, especially after reading some of the books and material online. Understanding how to look after customer databases has been our responsibility for just under a decade now, and after reviewing the regulation I gave consideration on what the best approach should be.”

The book “The Essential Business Guide to GDPR” is available from Amazon as a Paperback and an eBook. Both come with a full subscription to the MyCRM publication website which includes 17 templates to help business owners and Data Protection Officers record data protection activity.

Mr Dickinson went on to say, “Once decided, our approach was really simple, and accumulating and carrying out all the research gave our team real insight into what was to be completed.  This knowledge was then documented and turned into a book that was clear, precise and easy to read. The templates were included as some of these documents were used internally and sharing them seemed the right thing to do.”

The Essential Business Guide to GDPR concludes some 6 months of effort on behalf of the MyCRM team. This book can be seen as a real asset for those business owners that want to complete and drive their internal GDPR Projects forward.

MyCRM’s Marketing Assistant Poppy Osman also commented, “From a marketing perspective I have learnt so much in such a short period and helping design the templates has given me real insight into why personal data must be protected as an asset and not just used at will for marketing activity.”

You can download the book from MyCRM here

Source – PR Newswire

Terry Brown

Terry Brown

Terry is an experienced product management and marketing professional having worked for technology based companies for over 30 years, in different industries including; Telecoms, IT Service Management (ITSM), Managed Service Providers (MSP), Enterprise Security, Business Intelligence (BI) and Healthcare. He has extensive experience defining and driving marketing strategy to align and support the sales process. He is also a fan of craft beer and Lotus cars.