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Flutter To Set The Trend For Mobile App Development In 2023


Can you imagine a second without your mobile? Maybe, this is the reason why many small and large-scale businesses are on their way to developing a mobile application. 

And when a single app can help you to gain lots of profits and provides ease in communication, why not take advantage of it? 

According to the data, at least 7 million apps are available across iOS and Android platforms. To develop a successful app, you must choose the right platform. Several frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, Ionic and Flutter are available for cross-platform development. 

If you are thinking of going for a cross-platform app, then flutter app development is the only answer. Read on to know why it will set the trend in the 2023 mobile app development scenario. But before that, let’s know what Flutter is.

What Is Flutter?

In 2018, Google introduced a cross-platform mobile app development framework called Flutter. Since then, Flutter has achieved the heights of success. It has become one of the favourite choices of mobile app developers as a cross-platform framework.

According to a report by Statista, by 2021, 42% of software developers will choose Flutter as one of the best cross-platform mobile frameworks. 

Flutter mobile apps are robust, with a rich user experience, immaculate functionality, and numerous features. Here are some amazing facts about Flutter mobile app development:

  • Flutter uses a single-code base system that uses Dart Programming Language. In other words, you will need to write only one code and run it on multiple platforms simultaneously without hindering the quality.  
  • The complete software development kit (SDK) includes command-line tools, APIs, engine rendering, and pre-built widgets
  • Flutter mobile apps can give you a nearly native app experience as Dart compiles into a native code. 
DID YOU KNOW? After its establishment on December 4th, 2018, Flutter reached 2 million active subscribers by 2020. And now, there are approximately 400k applications available in the market, and the most known example of flutter app development is Google Ads. 

Since its launch, flutter app development has had no chill, and every year with updates made by Google, it is becoming one of the favourite languages of mobile app developers

And, here are the reasons why Flutter is going to be the most favourable cross-platform frameworks in 2023:

  1. Write-Once Approach

This is what makes flutter app development stands out. It was quite a work for mobile app developers when they had to write different codes for multiple platforms.

While this is not the case with flutter mobile app developers. They have to write the code only once and run it on different platforms like Android or iOS. The “Write Once, Run Anywhere” approach comes with numerous benefits:

  • Reducing development time
  • Enhanced quality of the app
  • Better app performance
  • Seamless app design 
  • Minimal risk of errors due to the same code
  1. Hot Reloading 

What do you think about the feature where you can see the changes you made in code in a second? Sounds impressive, right? Flutter has the same feature names as “Hot Reload” or “Hot Restart.”

Flutter app developers don’t have to stop the application, rebuild the code, apply the changes, and rerun it. 

With this feature, you can make changes in your code and check them in real-time. You will be able to see your progress side by side. This feature helps to:

  • Boosts developer productivity
  • It is amazing for bug-fixing
  • Accelerating the redevelopment phase
  1. Setting Best Performance

The most important element in mobile applications is their performance. If your mobile application doesn’t lead to the expectation of the end-user, they will end up deleting the app. 

And it never compromises the app’s performance. Flutter apps give you the experience of native apps while using them. This makes them stand apart from the rest of cross-app development networks. 

Why? While other cross-platform apps use Java script to interpret the app code, Flutter is built on Dart Programming Language that uses AOT (Ahead-Of-Time) compiler. AOT compiles the code in binary format and executes directly on the native platform making the process faster with a compelling UX.  

  1. Efficient Testing And Coding

Flutter mobile app development is a straightforward yet efficient process. As mentioned, flutter apps have unmatched experience and excel in functionality. 

But one thing about flutter apps is their development time. The flutter app development framework allows you to reduce your deployment time drastically. 

You need a single code to run in different plugins, and you can make any changes without losing the existing app. And when it comes to testing, you require a single code.  

Flutter app developers write automatic tests only once for QA (Quality Assurance), which is enough to verify the functionality and features of the app. 

  1. Pre-built UI Widgets

Mobile applications must be more appealing, well-designed, and with great functionality to be successful. 

You don’t want an app with dull colours and unsatisfactory designs. In short User Interface, is essential, which flutter excels. 

Flutter comes with in-built widgets you can customise, to deliver high performance with attractive visuals for your app. From basic to complex interfaces, Flutter allows you to make one effortlessly. 

Flutter apps provide scrolling, navigation, fonts, and many other built-in widgets to establish a better user experience. 

As these elements are flexible, they fit all screen sizes.

  1. Perfect Choice For MVP

“MVP- Minimum Viable Product, the simplest version of a product/app of a business module.” 

Generally, startups and SMEs face three key restrictions: time, money, and resources. 

Flutter provides an opportunity to launch their MVP among certain people to get feedback or present as a business model in front of investors. 

With it, you don’t have to write the code twice for Android and iOS. You can make a simple app with all the basic functionalities to initiate funding for your business. 

Flutter app development does not take much time and effort. Moreover, entrepreneurs can save time and money both. But this is not the feature that attracts most entrepreneurs. It is the app’s scalability.  

  1. What More?
  • The Flutter app development process is cost-effective, as it uses a single code-base for Android and iOS and reduces the development costs by half. 
  • A single code base made them easy to maintain, customise, and modify.

Ending Note

Since its release, Flutter has been rising and making storms in the mobile app development industry. Flutter app development is cost-effective, simple, and a faster process that even attracts startups and SMEs. 

Not only this, it is a game-changing tool for business apps and is updated every year. It is expected that Flutter may take over the throne in the mobile app development market soo

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