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The New Face of CA – The Modern Software Factory

Modern Software Factory

CA Technologies has just launched a new global marketing campaign, “The Modern Software Factory,” which aims to showcase the full spectrum of capability that CA can bring to its customers who are navigating the challenges of digital transformation.

Businesses today are facing almost constant digital disruption,. This is affecting business decision makers at all levels from the C-Suite to those deploying software across their organizations. CA’s Modern Software Factory campaign reflects their insights on the challenges to ‘build better apps, faster and securely’ and ‘gain insight from data,’ which have become critical to competing in today’s application economy.

The premise of the campaign is basic: as businesses across all industries recognize that software is core to creating competitive advantage, CA wants to show how they can start with a single CA Solution, or a combination of solutions across the areas of Agile, DevOps and Security.

In the book “Digitally Remastered: Building Software into Your Business DNA” launched last fall, author Otto Berkes, CTO of CA Technologies, outlines key insights that inform the tools and techniques that companies are using on their digital transformation journeys. The Modern Software Factory, a concept portrayed through a virtual environment, brings these insights to life.

“The competitive value of digital transformation has become very real, and customers are looking for partners who can help them navigate the journey successfully,” said Lauren Flaherty, chief marketing officer, CA Technologies. “The Modern Software Factory is the creative expression of CA’s business strategy. We’re laying out a blueprint that’s designed to help guide customers as they leverage software to win in the market.”

CA have released videos that bring The Modern Software Factory to life, following a group of executives looking to transform their business.

  • The Tour: The guide introduces The Modern Software Factory to a group of executives. They see the wonders of the factory—a world where Agile, Automation, Insights and Security come together to help businesses compete.
  • The Answer: The executives realize the power of the software factory and yet have a hard time understanding its technical aspects. The guide makes it simple: if you’re going to compete in the app economy, the answer is CA Technologies.

The new broadcast spots and digital content, created and produced by John McNeil Studio, demonstrate how CA’s portfolio comes together to create advantage for customers, solve their most pressing needs, and become strategic partners in their digital transformation journeys.

You can read more on the Modern Software Factory concept in this blog by CA’s Otto Berkes.

Expect to see more of CA on your newsfeeds, twitter accounts and other social media channels in the near future as they expand the reach of this new campaign.

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