Author: William Goddard

Is Google an AI

Is Google an AI?

The Google AI ecosystem consists of a range of applications and platforms that have artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) incorporated into their underlying

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Work from home jobs

5 Real Work from Home Jobs

Work from home jobs are on the rise. Particularly in light of the disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has been causing to commercial activities and

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Is Siri AI

Is Siri AI?

Apple’s Siri is one of a group of virtual assistants capable of performing a wide range of everyday tasks and interacting with users in a

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artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Overview Every stakeholder involved in medical research or clinical trials is looking to create reliable predictive and prescriptive instruments

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5G Coverage

5G Coverage

5G Coverage Information… From a service distribution standpoint, the 5G network story began in 2017, when the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP, a body responsible

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where is 5G available

Where Is 5G Available?

Despite the controversy and confusion surrounding its underlying technology and implementation, 5G wireless is already up and running in several countries across the globe. But

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Zoom fatigue

Zoom Fatigue

Zoom Fatigue was born out of the Pandemic. As remote work and work from home (WFH) scenarios became more common, people started experiencing this fatigue.

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fintech software

Top FinTech Software

Financial technology (FinTech) is a medium for delivering new Fintech products and service models in making payments, transmitting funds, budgeting, investment, borrowing, trade, and operational

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AI in education

AI in Education

How do we use AI in education today? In broad terms, AI or artificial intelligence is an attempt to create machines that can do things

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whwew ia used today

Where is AI used today?

What is artificial intelligence? In computer terms, it’s the programming and development of machines and systems capable of using and interpreting information in a manner

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