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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Web Design

AI and Web Design

Functions that artificial intelligence performs in modern website design. Can AI and Web Design work together in a productive collaboration? Is AI displacing the human element in web design? The real future of web designers.

Implementing The Idea Of Using AI In Web Design In 2021

There is almost not a single business that hasn’t expanded online. Any visualization related to the Internet is somehow associated with the work of a web designer. This includes banners and promotional materials, websites, pages, applications, animations, storytelling, and so on.

Usually, creating a design such as a website interface takes a lot of time, creativity, and more than one designer. Team members share ideas, make prototypes, and then test because there is no guarantee of viability.

Software development with Artificial Intelligence is quite sufficient to handle this task, especially in analyzing and issuing ready-made solutions. If this is enough for business, it is fine to stop the result produced by artificial design intelligence (ADI). If not, then a web designer might be needed.

AI and Web Design – Can It Perform Web Design Functions?

Turnkey solutions for business

AI software development today allows for delivering ready-made business solutions. This approach is helpful for technically untrained people without web design or programming skills. AI technology can quickly launch businesses without astronomical budgets for development. Small and medium-sized businesses can gain obvious benefits.

When it comes to AI and web design, Wix and Squarespace are perfectly functioning examples of ADI technology. Using machine learning, the software can analyze tens of thousands of ready-made page designs to select the ideal one for the client. Roughly speaking, the program simulates the designer’s job, but cannot create unique solutions on its own.

Developers toolkit

Based on the device used, user preferences, and typical needs, AI can optimize a commercial website the best way possible. Machines understand where to place page elements and what content is appropriate to showcase to a particular customer.

The automation of basic processes helps significantly reduce the current workload for the designer. AI learns all the rules and methods of design and becomes the designer’s apprentice.

Webflow and Bookmark are examples of platforms dedicated to virtual design assistants. When styling or search engine optimization needs help or advice, ADI provides guidance and suggests options.

Algorithms of some AI tools are already able to consider the positioning of elements, their adaptability, and the quality of images.


Some AI engines can help users (both designers and regular users) track and correct invalid sections of websites that users interact with the most, track incoming visitors to optimize content.

AI and Web Design – Should Web Designers Be Wary of AI as a Competitor?

Indeed, companies can turn to off-the-shelf AI solutions for a quick start, so that they don’t have to resort to programmers and designers. But sooner or later, as they develop, they will need to personalize the design, integrate their brand into all the platforms used in their business. Then they will need a human web designer because only a human web designer can produce a non-standard solution applicable to a particular situation.

Ready-made solutions will never be able to give the flexibility needed to solve the whole puzzle.

As with any other type of work, the profession of a web designer is changing and evolving. Centuries ago, a man got tired of making fire with sticks and silicon, and invented matches, then lighters. In the same way, AI is more likely to become a tool in the developer‘s hands rather than a competitor.

Prospects For Web Designers and Artifical Intelligence Collaboration

Thanks to AI services, routine work can be done automatically, leaving the designer with more time to think about the essence, design prototypes, and experiment. Neural networks at their current stage of development are not capable of experimentation.

Out of the chaos of endless solutions, the web designer can take the most necessary and relevant things and apply them in practice, depending on the tasks at hand. By increasing the speed of execution of tasks and their quality, the fusion of web designers with AI has only the most brilliant prospects for the future.

According to experts, the Artificial Intelligence industry will grow by more than $100 billion by 2025. And this means that designers will have a lot of work, so the collapse of the profession due to the rapid development of AI technology is out of the question.


When we talk about AI and web design, it is already possible to assign the job of identifying many problems to automated services. However, artificial intelligence can only replicate patterns and logic often used in designing. The results can be qualitative but predictable. No machine can mimic the creativity of the human mind.

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