How AI Technology is Driving Automated Text Messaging

Automated Text Messaging

Since Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology came into existence, it has revolutionized the world around us. From SIRI to Google Assistant, and now ChatGPT, AI has expanded and has been a game changer technology for many industries, including marketing automation.

Many technology-driven startups and companies have been driving the development of automated text messaging through the use of AI. Text messaging is one of the oldest methods of communication that many of us use even today.

More and more consumers prefer texting instead of calling for most business communications. According to one study, 63% of respondents said they’d make a switch to a company that offers text messaging communication. Thanks to the advancement in AI, delivering text messages based on those preferences don’t add much burden to your team.

In this article, we’ll learn how AI is driving the development of automated text message communications. But first, let’s understand what automated text messaging is & how it works:

What is Automated Text Messaging & How It Works?

Automated text messaging is a process of scheduling and sending messages to individuals or multiple recipients at certain intervals or after specific triggers. Text automation or automated texting is a marketing tactic that enables businesses to connect and generate leads through bulk SMS messaging.

Text message automation is generally carried out with the help of SMS automation software, where you can create a custom SMS workflow and triggers that deliver the message to users. This eliminates the need to manually send each message to each individual.

The common use cases of text message automation include:

  • Running drip campaigns
  • Online order confirmation
  • Online appointment booking
  • Sending event/meeting reminders
  • Cart abandonment recovery
  • Scheduling auto-replies
  • Sharing promotions and offers

According to a report, text messages have an average open rate of 98% of the overall 23 billion text messages sent every day worldwide. This translates to text messaging as a powerful channel, which coupled with automation and AI technology, can generate qualified leads and boost revenue.

Even though it doesn’t allow you to have long, friendly conversations, text messaging is the best if you want to reach out to users for quick discussions. Moreover, text message automation can help you minimize and optimize the precious time of your marketing team.

How AI Help Drive the Development of Text Message Automation

As discussed, AI has penetrated almost all industries, and SMS marketing is no exception. Artificial intelligence makes your automated campaigns more effective and efficient. Here’s how it can help benefit your SMS marketing campaigns:

  • Hyper-Personalization: Personalization is a must today, even for short communications like SMSs. AI technology can really come in handy to hyper-personalize text messages sent to customers. 
  • Minimized Data Mistakes: AI and computer systems are less prone to make mistakes that humans make more often. They generate reliable synthetic data with the help of AI to ensure error-free SMS marketing & automation.
  • Saving in Time & Money: With the help of AI, you’ll be able to automate several workflows and processes that will, in turn, help you save time and money, which you can better utilize elsewhere.
  • Better Text Copy Creation & Curation: AI can also help you with generating & curating better text message copy almost instantly that is higher in quality. Such quality content helps you send out appropriate communication to your customers.
  • Better ROI: Since AI can help predict customer behavior better, it’ll result in better personalization and targeting of the right users to improve your return on investment. It allows you to know what works and invest accordingly to generate better results.

Using Conversational AI to Automate Text Message Responses

Conversational AI for SMS allows you to have two-way conversations with users. This technology is here to disrupt the traditional text messaging works till now. It’s built on the foundation of Natural Language Understanding technology, which also powers AI Chatbots.

However, conversational AI differs from Chatbots as it includes specialized machine learning algorithms that help AI to understand the user intent and respond to the query accordingly. The beauty of this technology is that the conversation can take place on mobile devices & apps for instant communication.

Another advantage of conversational AI is it has access to a large data set of interactions, which helps it to respond smarter. Moreover, administrators can train machines to better connect the dots and fill the gaps identified by analyzing the patterns in past user interactions.

Conversational AI further helps facilitate having an actual conversation as humans do. It can pull information from a single knowledge base to automate interactions on SMS automation tools or Chatbots.

This knowledge base works as a single source of information to manage user interactions, information, campaign details, contact lists, and others. Lastly, it ensures that users get a streamlined experience through AI-powered text messaging platforms.


AI in text message automation simplifies machine-to-human communication and can better understand and create proper responses. AI can predict consumer interaction behavior and help you come up with better text messages to automate your responses.

Moreover, conversational AI is here to disrupt traditional SMS marketing and build more flexible texting automation solutions that help generate better leads and improve ROI. AI will surely not only drive the development of automated text messaging but also enhance traditional SMS marketing.

You’ll be able to communicate effectively and add necessary personalization to your messaging to improve users’ experience.

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Phil Portman

Phil Portman

Philip Portman is the founder/CEO of Textdrip, a business texting platform for insurance, mortgage, real estate, and solar sales. He has created several startups from the ground up like;,, and He is a leading expert in SMS marketing and automation in digital marketing.