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How to Build An App With ChatGpt


It can be one of the most sensational questions to some of us: Is it possible to build an app with ChatGPT?

 ChatGPT is one of the best real-life examples of conversational and generative AI. Since its launch, it has become a hot topic and one of the top tech disruptions among technical communities, researchers, and industries. All of these see it as per their perspective. The fact is that it is such a fantastic AI platform that can provide you answers to all questions. 

Mobile app development is a complex task and requires a level of knowledge & expertise. Can an AI chatbot like ChatGPT do this? The reality is that it can’t develop the whole code, deploy, and launch the application, but yes, it can guide you throughout the whole process. It can produce shortcodes using any desired programming language that can help you develop the app fast.

It is a reality that you can build an app with ChatGPT. Still, you need the expertise to handle the code produced by it. It is not about it: integrating AI into a mobile application is beneficial, and a related example to it is chat automation.    

Before we proceed with the process of creating a mobile application using ChatGPT, it would be nice to read about its fundamentals. 

The Basics of ChatGPT

The simplest definition of ChatGPT chatbot can be defined as. 

It is a web-based AI tool that generates human-like responses in-return to the queries submitted by the users. Although it does not provide the answers instantly, yes, it takes some seconds to parse and analyze the queries.

It is trained on the language model but has some capabilities and limitations. 


  • It remembers what users entered as queries.
  • Facilitates the users to provide correction instructions
  • Fully trained to decline inappropriate queries related to violence, abuse, pornography, and others that are dangerous for society. 


  • Sometimes, it generates inappropriate responses
  • It can delay the process while parsing queries and generating the response
  • Limited knowledge of the world and events that happened after 2021. 

But still, it is a more powerful tool than any AI tool produced till now. It offers the features like:

  • Text Generation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Contextual Understanding
  • Customization
  • Versatility
  • Multi-language Support

Now it’s time to read and know about the steps that ChatGPT can help in developing mobile apps, for example- developing a chat app for your business or any other app. 

 How It Can Help You To Build An App With ChatGPT

Suppose you want to develop a chat app using ChatGPT, then the reality is that it can’t create the whole app, but it will help you a lot. You only need a little expertise with some programming knowledge so you can combine the pieces of code to create a whole mobile app. It writes the backend code and provides code for the backend. 

So, let’s start.  

  • Brainstorming Ideas: 

Regarding your app, you can ask what ideas you can implement as a communication app. For example: create a plan to develop a restaurant app for your restaurant business. 

  • Piece of Codes: 

Using ChatGPT, you can create the code for different features and functionalities, such as writing a code for the login screen, writing a code for user registration, writing a script for requesting a password reset, or more. 

  • Designing Code & Suggestions: 

Designing is also a crucial activity while developing a mobile app. Here ChatGPt can provide design ideas and HTML & CSS codes that you can combine with your manual code. For example, hexadecimal color coding, menu tab HTML code, etc. 

  • Testing & Quality Analysis: 

Do you want a perfect test plan to ensure your app is bug-free, or do you want to write the test cases? Then ask ChatGPT; it will help you a lot. Via responses, it will provide you tips for writing test cases or can create the test planning and steps for quality assurance.  

  • Content Creation: 

For SEO purposes, content is always required for web and mobile apps. Now, it is no surprise that ChatGPT can create a unique content copy that you can use for digital marketing with little modification. It can suggest headlines, subheadings, CTA text, or more. 

  • Tech Help & Guidance: 

You can find multiple tech support forums and communities on Google. In case of any technical issue, you need to jump from one forum to another, but ChatGPT works surprisingly well. It collects the whole information, combines it, and produces the best response to help the users. For example, searching for the solution for Error 303 will give you the exact solution and tips you can use. 

So, now it is clear that ChatGPT itself can’t create the app, but it can always help you. It is beneficial to build an app with ChatGPT but with some coding expertise for better utilization of created code by this AI Chatbot. 

The ChatGPT’s Future & Its Advantages

The ChatGPT and other AI-based language models are continuously evolving, and their use cases will increase. It is now helping in content creation, customer services, chatbot development, developing a chat app, language translation, and more. It is also helping researchers, academicians, and scholars to find the data and information in a combined form. 

In the future, AI-based conversation technologies will be used for professional and personal purposes, such as virtual assistants, streamlining sales and marketing campaigns, process automation, and others. It is one of the trending AI technologies that is helping in shaping the future for businesses and enterprises. 

By considering all these, here are some advantages of using ChatGPT. 

  • Improves Efficiency 

It is natural language processing ability improves code efficiency and helps programmers write and combine powerful codes. It helps in improving productivity and efficiency. 

  • Time-Saving

ChatGPt can write code snippets and shortcodes within less time, so the developers can save time while developing a mobile application. The developers can utilize it to write the code faster. 

  • Quality Coding

The ChatGPT app development is based on utilizing language models and deep learning algorithms. While creating the code for the app, its algorithm ensures code quality and robustness. 

  • User-Friendly Code Generation

One of the best advantages of ChatGPT is that it creates user-friendly code that works fantastically for experienced and beginner developers. The codification remains receptive and understandable for all. 

  • Easy Multi-Tasking 

At the same time, developers can write manual code, and in another window, they can command ChatGPT to write the piece of code for adding it to their manual code. It improves the multi-tasking ability of mobile app developers or other developers. 

The Final Thoughts

Until now, in this article, it is clear that ChatGPT can help you more than writing code. It can help you from planning to the actual launch of the code easily. The ChatGPT is not only a chatbot; it is a replacement for traditional search engines, although it lags in some points, and I hope that it will be more advanced in the future than our thoughts. So, the next time you want to build an app with ChatGPT, you can trust it but remember to sharpen your coding skills to make a perfect code for your app. 

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