Amir Noghani

Amir Noghani is the general manager of GWM SEO Services. He has a Master’s degree in engineering and more than seven years of experience in online marketing and communications. During that time he has developed rich knowledge and skills in online marketing and Public Relations, as well as writing journal articles and blogs. His articles have been featured on websites such as InsideBigData, BigData-MadeSimple, ProWritingAid, and many others. He loves exploring Google and the latest technologies coming from it, especially search engine related updates.

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  • How Deep Learning is Changing Everyday Life

    How Deep Learning is Changing Everyday Life

    The impact that Google’s RankBrain has had on the internet is astounding. Since its inception in late 2015, Google’s deep learning engine has been one of the primary components of their internet search algorithm. Its complexity and ability to evolve as it absorbs more input has changed the way that all search engines present websites
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