Dave van Herpen

Dave van Herpen is a management consultant, advocating agilty in IT application and service management, with a track record in service and process improvements and organizational change. His drive is to help organizations complete the service lifecycle to truly deliver on the agile promise. Dave has been involved in several ITSM communities, such as itSMF, ASL/BiSL Foundation, Ngi-NGN, also in organizing ITSM-related events for these communities. Dave is guest lecturer at several universities, and a well regarded writer and speaker.

Latest from Dave van Herpen

  • DevOps & The Death of the Product Owner

    DevOps & The Death of the Product Owner

    An agile transformation I probably don’t have to explain why organizations are transforming towards the agile way of working. In nearly every enterprise, agility has evolved from optional ambition to inevitable necessity. The far-reaching adoption of Scrum, the most dominant agile product development methodology, has triggered the emergence of product owners. The product owner, being
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