Philipp Weiser

Philipp Weiser is the Founder and Director of Engineering at AnyDesk the fastest remote desktop software on the market. Philipp is a Graduate in Physics from the University of Stuttgart (2007), and the winner of several international programming competitions and expert in software development and computer applications. He has previously worked in the programming department at TeamViewer. AnyDesk is the fastest remote desktop application for private users and companies on the market. Created in Stuttgart (Germany) by ex-employees of TeamViewer, AnyDesk allows direct access from anywhere to all kinds of data, images, videos and applications on a computer. These can be shared by two or more people (no upper limit) in real time without the need to upload them into the cloud. AnyDesk is specially designed to work with GUIs and editing programs thanks to the newly developed image transfer process DeskRT. AnyDesk is available in 28 languages and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and iOS and Android devices. For more information visit:

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