5 Secrets to Streamlining Event Registration You Won’t Learn from a Ticketing Company

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Registration. It’s the bane of every event organizer’s existence. I’ve seen it all as someone in the software biz for over 20 years. Endless spreadsheet chaos. Email inboxes overflowing with questions. Registrations need to be noticed in the mail. You know what I’m talking about.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! After working with hundreds of clients on custom event software solutions, my team and I have discovered some sneaky tricks to smooth registration. Trust me; the big ticketing companies won’t share these with you.

Secret #1: Automate Those Mundane Tasks

Nothing kills productivity like manually processing each registration one by one. It’s a HUGE time suck and leaves much room for human error.

With custom software, you can set up automation to handle repetitive tasks lickety-split. As soon as someone registers, have the system automatically:

  • Send a registration confirmation
  • Generate a ticket barcode/QR code
  • Add attendee info to your database
  • Charge their payment method

It’s like having a virtual assistant!

For one client, we set up an automation flow that allowed online registrations to be processed in seconds. Once the software did the busy work, the event staff could focus on more important stuff than data entry.

Secret #2: Break Down the Walls Between Systems

No more importing and exporting CSV files, I promise!

When you integrate your various tools and platforms by implementing IoT for business, everything talks together seamlessly.

Your website sends registration data directly to the ticketing system. Charges flow instantly from payment processors to accounting software. And you can manage everything from one central dashboard, like a boss.

We connected a large festival client’s website, email system, payment processor, CRM, and on-site kiosks into one slick registration framework. Talk about smooth sailing!

Secret #3: Support All Registration Methods

Only some people want to register online. Some folks like phones. Some like paper forms. And some show up at your event wanting to buy a ticket!

With custom registration software, you can handle it all in one unified system:

  • Online registrations with integrated payments
  • Phone orders entered by your staff
  • In-person purchases at the venue
  • Paper forms for people not tech savvy

You get a single source of truth across all channels versus the headache of separate processes and databases.

We built custom kiosks for one conference that synced data with their online registration system. No more clunky badge printing – just seamless on-site integration!

Secret #4: Make Registration Software That Fits Like a Glove

Buying commercial off-the-shelf software is like getting a suit tailored for someone else. The sleeves always need to be longer or shorter!

When you tailor the software to your specific needs, it works precisely as required. No trying to bend clunky generalized tools to fit your event model.

For example, one music festival needed a custom volunteer scheduling system with role hierarchies and shift reminders. Something you’ll find in something other than generic platforms!

We designed it from scratch around their process. They said it was the best event software they’d ever used. That’s the magic of custom!

Secret #5: Ready for Registration Growth Spurts

You start with a few events a year, then suddenly…boom! Demand skyrockets. Can your registration setup handle it?

Custom systems scale gracefully as your business evolves. You won’t outgrow them or have to switch platforms constantly.

For a 5k race that went viral, we quickly optimized their custom registration software to handle a 100x spike in traffic flawlessly. Try getting that level of flexibility from an off-the-shelf vendor!

The software grew right alongside that event each year into a monster 50k-participant race. Custom for the win!

Stop Fighting Your Registration Process

Trust me, I’ve been there dealing with convoluted systems that don’t play nice together. No time for strategic work, just fighting registration fires day and night.

But you CAN take back control. With custom software tailored to your events, you can kiss those headaches goodbye.

Consider custom event ticketing software development if you’re ready to stop fighting and start automating your registration workflows! My team has the knowledge and experience to streamline your process beyond what you thought possible.


Q: How can technology help streamline event registration?

A: Some innovative approaches to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of event registration include automation, IoT integrations, and custom registration software.

Q: How does automation improve the event registration process?

A: You can use automation to handle mundane tasks, including sending registration confirmations, generating ticket barcodes and QR codes, adding attendees to a database, and automating payment.

Q: Why is integrating event tools and platforms essential to the event registration process?

A: With an integrated system, your website sends registration data directly to the ticketing system, charges flow instantly from payment processors to accounting software, and the process can be centrally managed.

Q: What registration methods should be supported?

A: Since people have different preferences, all registration methods should be used, including online registrations with integrated payments, phone orders, in-person purchases at the venue, and paper forms.

Q: What are the benefits of customer registration software?

A: When you tailor the software to your specific needs, it will work precisely as your event requires rather than trying to use generalized tools to fit your event model.

Jeff Parcheta

Jeff Parcheta

Jeff Parcheta is a Sales Director at Chetu Inc., a global, custom software development company, overseeing the Facilities Management, Residential Services, Insurance, Construction, Modeling, Drafting, and AI & Machine Learning accounts. A graduate of both the University of Texas at Arlington and Nova Southeastern University, where he received his MBA, Jeff joined Chetu in 2020, where he has built a reputation as a thought leader and industry expert within the IT community. Jeff has risen through the sales department ranks, helping the company grow into an award-winning organization.