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The new norms of education are all online

online exams

Online exams – part of the new normal.

Covid-19 has severely impacted every sector of the country, whether it be the educational sector or the economic sector.  In the US, the government imposed a lockdown, limiting people’s movement in the entire country.

Many studies have been taking place about how mentally it affected each of us because of restricted movement. There are pros and cons of everything in life, and if there is a negative impact, then there is also a positive impact of Covid-19. Along with many other things, in the education system, the online exam platform also emerged as a new thing to many out there.

Today we are virtually doing so many things, from digitizing our businesses to students’ distance learning. Some say that Covid-19 has impacted the education system so drastically that it is difficult for students and teachers to adjust to online learning.

The suffering of the students

It is true! Some studies say that there are 1.38 billion students who are restricted from going to their respective places for education. But the fact is that when change happens to us, it is difficult to adapt ourselves to that change at first. For example, suppose your father is in the army and got placed into some other city. You don’t want to leave the city you live in because you love your school and friends. What will you do? The only thing you have to do is accept the change, move to another city and make new friends there. The truth is that the change is constant.

The lack of knowledge

In many cases, we are not prepared to adapt ourselves to online learning. The sudden transition from written examination to online examination has made it difficult for students and teachers. Teachers today are conducting the sessions on Zoom, students are trying their best to learn online and take the online examination test.

Now the online mode has become a norm. We have shifted from face to face learning to online learning. The learning material has also been improved in the learning process.  

Advantages of online exams

Some of the advantages of online examinations are:

  1. It is flexible for students to give exams online. For example- in written examination, students had to go to their respective schools and colleges. Now because of online assessment, students can give exams online on the respective date.
  2. The in-person contact is not safe right now because of Covid-19 today. This is why online examination reduces the risk of coronaviruses, and it’s the only safe option during Covid-19.
  3. The student who was not used to online studying and digitizing are getting used to it.
  4. Security in online examinations minimizes the chances of cheating the online test.
  5. Result gets quickly processed in online examinations. There is no chance of human errors at all in online tests.
  6. The exams can be conducted wherever the candidate is.
  7. Logistic cost is minimal as well in the online examination. One doesn’t have to travel to give the exam in the centres.
  8. The online exams can be customized in an online mode, which is relatively easy for children.
  9. In online examinations, children use a computer, and the internet saves time compared to the written exam.
  10. It is easy for teachers to conduct the test in a digitized way as the exam software gives password access for every answer sheet.
  11. An instant grading system for teachers was introduced in online examination conduction instead of doing it manually. It saves time and energy; the examiner puts in making paper manually.
  12. The tools like voice and video help the examiner to give feedback. Digitization has made things easy for teachers online.
  13. Teachers can also randomize the questions for students in the online mode of examinations.
  14. There is also an important option available for teachers while making online exams for kids. 
  15. The administrative burden has been reduced for teachers due to the adoption of online examinations.


When things get worse, one can either crib about it by doing nothing or dealing with it by doing their best. The call is yours! There are many advantages to online examination during these difficult times. We have listed some above, and hope this will help you understand the importance of online learning and assessments.

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