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Tech Founders to Watch - The Mission

Our Founders to Watch series aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share their stories and insights with our international tech-focused community. At IT Chronicles, we want to introduce our community to the leaders, creators, and founders of today who are developing solutions we’ll be talking about tomorrow.

Who Do We Want to Interview?

  • We’re looking for founders and co-founders,
    whether you’re well-established or just starting out in the technology industry. Share your story with us—what you’re doing in your space, why you’re doing it, and how your journey is unfolding.
  • While brevity has its merits, we value interviewees who will dive deep into their responses, providing thoughtful and insightful answers that resonate with our community. We seek participants eager to share their experiences and contribute to our ongoing technology-focused dialogue.

Why Participate in Tech Founders to Watch?

  • IT Chronicles has a monthly audience of over 50k users per month and growing.
  • We are hyper-focused on the areas of technology that matter most to businesses.
  • We will only publish 100 profiles per year and no more than 2 per week.
  • We will promote your profile on our social channels.
  • You get to talk about your product and the problems it solves for business.
  • Pricing for this is simple – Pay what you think it is worth!

Who do you want to see featured on IT Chronicles?

No Questions Asked, No Negotiations or Haggling!

To receive our potential questions, fill out the form and a link will be sent to you. Want a one-on-one interview because it is more effective to talk about what you do than write about it, just let us know.

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