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Automate New Employees Integration with Office 365 Onboarding

Office 365 Onboarding

Automate New Employees Integration with Office 365 Onboarding: A Guide – Hiring a new employee for the organization is a long, complex, and tedious process. Once the position is filled, the employee’s journey in the organization begins, and so escalates the hard work of HR and departmental staff. Onboarding is never an HR-only task to perform. It also involves the department for which the employee is hired, and other related departments (like IT). Additionally, an employee’s success in the organization depends on how smoothly and quickly they commingle within their roles and responsibilities, coworkers, and culture.

Here, HRs need to collaborate to accomplish cross-departmental tasks apart from the HR department, increasing the complexities and chaos.

To speed up the multifaceted HR tasks, one must have a standard onboarding process to make the employees well-acquainted with the organization. 

From an HR Manager’s viewpoint conducting and tracking this entire process seems time-consuming and chaotic, impacting new hires’ productivity. The best solution for eliminating chaos and making onboarding an interactive and fun process is its automation.

Office 365 Onboarding

The integration of new employees in the organization can be automated easily using the Office 365 intranet and its efficient onboarding tools. How can Office 365 intranet help in automation? Let’s understand.

  1. Create an Onboarding Site: Develop an onboarding portal/site providing all the company-related information like news & announcements, holiday calendar, history and values, personal and departmental profiles for understanding and getting acquainted with the work environment. Office 365 onboarding allows the managers to initially decide when and how much information can be accessed by the new employee. They can further modify the access after the quarterly appraisals or on the completion of the employee’s probation. 
  2. Documentation and Form Completion: Use Office 365 intranet for uploading all the documents and forms online. Make them available to the new hire easily, and set up their approval workflows, aiding them to complete every document online. It is a clean and labor-saving way of getting all the initial paperwork wrapped-up.
  3. Design an Onboarding Checklist: You can create an automated checklist of tasks to be completed for onboarding. Once the employee fills in their details, department details, and start date, a checklist can be generated including tasks to perform, associated people & department, with its real-time tracking. For asserting that nothing is left out, you can create a checklist for different onboarding stages like – before the first day, the first day, for the first month/ quarter, and send reminders for incomplete tasks as their due dates approach. 
  4. Orientation and Training: Use Office 365 onboarding of which orientation and training is a part, and includes self-running presentations, videos, lectures, etc. to provide training material at a click. You can prepare modules they need to go through, and set small quizzes at the end to test their understandability. All of this will zero the dependence on trainers and provide for employees to go through training at their own pace and convenience.
  5. Performance Appraisal: The first appraisal is of utmost importance to both, the new hire and the department, as it decides the future of the new hires in the organization. With goal-setting and appraisal an integral process of Office 365 onboarding, managers can set employee goals at the beginning of the quarter, conduct assessments at the end, and perform calculations according to the set parameters. Also, it notifies managers and hires about the actions to be performed and on the completion of the process milestones.
  6. Feedback Session: It is very important to meet your new hires after a month or two and discuss their views on how onboarding went. Instead of a face-to-face meeting, you can have an online survey form on the employee onboarding site, becoming a mandatory task for the new hire upon hitting the 3-month mark. It will give you insights into the Office 365 onboarding process and experience, which can be used to improvise and remove confusing or ineffective procedures.

Automate the process with Office 365 onboarding for seamless integration of employees in the organization. As the smooth completion of the tasks like documentation, familiarization with company norms, department orientation, login setup, providing tools for performing the job, etc., aids in building long-term relationships and boosting efficiency and loyalty.

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