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Why Hire Dedicated Developers Instead Of Freelancers?


Web development is a complex & multi-variable process. Development directors have a high demand position to select a team to execute various projects. They have the option of acquiring freelancers or hiring a dedicated team on their project.

Nevertheless, both have their own pros and cons based on a lot of factors and considerations. There’s no question that both deliver the work, but getting work delivered is not the only demand when it comes to development.

The option of getting freelancers or hiring dedicated developers has become far more important in terms of developing apps, websites, software solutions, etc. The decision must be carefully considered for project requirements, project timelines, and budget, etc. In this article, we’re going to speak about the two models and show why a dedicated development team is more beneficial in the majority of business settings.

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Diverse Expertise Or Proficiency:

Most projects now require the expertise of many technologies. A professional developer is far more experienced and tech-savvy than a freelancer as he has managed a range of client base from multiple niches. Freelancers are also competent advertising proficient, yet, professional developers have a professional attitude that freelancers lack.

Hiring a dedicated developer means hiring a pool of professionals – designers, managers, QA specialists, developers, etc. with extensive knowledge and expertise. Dedicated developers also include experts in other important areas such as marketing, search engine optimization, design, or user experience, etc.

Freelancers manage multiple projects simultaneously, which leads to a decrease in the quality of all projects. They use different skills for different projects which gives rise to difficulties. While dedicated developers are available as a full-time worker.  They are completely dedicated to your project. No freelancer is able to beat the proficiency and expertise which a dedicated team provides.

Agile development:

For the future success of your product, you have to be agile which means improving your product and services based on current or future demands. Dedicated developers equip their skills based on the technical demands of their clients.

They always stay updated with new technologies, and work hard to integrate these technologies into their upcoming project. Also, they are familiar with existing software, technology trends, and new programming languages. Therefore you always get updated software or apps from dedicated developers.

Freelancers don’t have enough time to adapt to new technologies as they are always surrounded by multiple projects. Unless a customer is pressured to include trending features, they never take the trouble to find out more.

Stability & Continuity:

Dedicated developers are always steadfast towards their work because they are employed and they come to the job regularly and complete their work. If you hire remote developers from an outsourcing company, the company will be solely responsible for handling your project. If under any circumstances, the dedicated developer leaves the job, the company has a responsibility to deliver the project in a timely and hassle-free manner.

Dedicated developers focus more on stability and continuity while freelancers stick to flexibility. Freelance developers often hang on to something that makes them quit their job and as a result, you have no idea when they will continue to work.

Furthermore, dedicated developers are assigned to your project only, so they are readily available, whereas freelancers are limited available as they are equipped with multiple tasks.


If you are thinking to hire offshore developers then it is one of the game-changer points. With dedicated developers, your business secrets, data, ideas and everything else in the project is more secure because you are working with an established company. You will enter into a formal agreement that will legally bind the outsourcer to keep your confidential data secret.

Besides, if you hire a bunch of freelancers to work on the same project and if some of your information gets stolen you may not even be able to identify the culprit. Therefore there will be a risk of hiring freelancers for your project.

Also, you will get regular updates from dedicated developers on your project since you can ask for changes in real-time to avoid errors at a later stage. Freelancers never give updates; they provide developed software at the end.

After-Release Maintenance & Support:

Dedicated developers provide 24*7*365 maintenance and support to their clients. If you find any errors,  security issues, new features you can ask them to solve your problem without any hassle. This kind of guarantee never comes from freelancers. You may have to pay them whenever you seek help.

Top-quality work delivered on time:

Dedicated developers always do proper planning and management  for their projects. The agency plans project-related tasks and assigns work to people on each job, whereas freelancers are not good at planning, scheduling, and managing. Therefore sometimes they manage to comply with deadlines, and sometimes they delay it. 

Even afterward, you need to look at the project to ensure that everything resides in its place. And if there find any errors, you have to contact them again to fix the errors. Ultimately it is a waste of time to give the project back and get it after all issues resolved.

Dedicated developers complete their projects within the time frame. They are the developers, reviewers, and testers of your project. They reduce the chances of errors and give you a full-featured software or application in a timely manner. If budget is not your concern then you must hire offshore remote teams for your project as they never compromise on quality.

Bottom Line:

If high-quality on time with the security of maintenance and support is your priority then you must go for dedicated developers. Hiring a dedicated development team means you will have more confidence that the task will be completed properly and on time. Freelancers can also deliver results, but insurance has a low chance. Plus, they are cheaper than the dedicated developers as they don’t have the extra costs a company has. Working with an experienced software company will certainly increase the potential for both startups and well-established companies. And, from the above points, we can say that hiring dedicated developers is far better than hiring a freelancer.

Jason Skidmore
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