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5 Tips Every Android Developer Should Know

Android app development tips

It is often quite tricky for entrepreneurs running conventional businesses to survive in today’s market. This is because people tend to satisfy their needs through modern-day solutions available on their mobile phones, and the demand for utilizing applications increases with every passing day. In particular, solutions created for devices loaded with iOS, Windows, and Android OS gain immense usage.

Hence, many business owners have shifted their enterprises online by building their own mobile applications to increase business. If you, as a start-up owner, are considering building your app, you should explore app ideas and specific development procedures for getting your business solution built. 

Amongst all the mobile devices,  Android earns significant fame, as it is far ahead in the race of utilization, as per the statistics of 2022. There are about 2 billion Android users worldwide, beating other OSs. For this reason,  Android developers are in high demand for creating business applications.

If you are a start-up owner looking to hire an Android coder, you should check to see if they follow the various tips for working on your project. Here are some of the ones mentioned below that must be followed by Android programmers.

5 Tips Every Android Developer Should Know

Work on Good System

When building an Android application, developers need to work on a newer, feature-rich system with excellent specifications. It will save a developer considerable time and help them complete their project more quickly. 

Select Appropriate Approach

Based on the coder’s ability and a customer’s requirements, they should follow the best approach for creating an application. Basically, there are mainly three categories of methods for making Android software that can be followed during the development of Android solutions by the coder:

Native Android Framework

This framework consists of Java/Kotlin and Jetpack Compose/Views. If the programmer is aware of Java/Kotlin programming languages, and there is the only requirement to create an Android application, then it’s suggestible for them to work on the Native Android framework. They will likely fulfill the needs of their clients efficiently.


If requirements for building the data part are generated, then developers can work on KMM. Working on KMM would assist them in creating a data part that can be shared on multiple platforms, along with making UI on a default Android framework. In addition, utilizing KMM will also assist coders in making solutions compatible with multiple operating systems, as it’s an SDK that helps programmers develop cross-platform apps.


Android developers coming from a web development background and utilizing the declarative framework can use Flutter. Using this language, they can create an Android solution for multiple OSs. Alongside this, they can also develop web and desktop applications by working on Flutter. So, it’s advantageous for programmers to use Flutter if they belong to the web environment.

Test App on Every Android Version

It’s a must for Android coders to thoroughly test the platform they have created. An Android programmer must test an application by running it on three previous versions of Android OS. It is because the solution built may display different behavior on various versions of OS. In fact, they must check it on the lowest, middle, and latest versions of the Android OS, along with the varying screen sizes of devices. It would assist them in getting software developed to work on every Android mobile device with different screen sizes.

Check Security After Completion of the Development Process

Android programmers perform thorough security checks on an application. They must remove the security breaches found inside it, as the security of the solutions is of prime importance. In short, it says that along with perfectly creating an app, an Android programmer must know how to maintain a platform’s security, as there are many cybersecurity risks associated with it.

Follow Developers’ Community

The Android programmer should be aware of the latest updates of Android by following the community of Android coders who possess expert knowledge. It will help them stay updated with the latest features introduced and the new issues popping up in the newest version of the tech stack they are working on.

If you need to create an app for your business, you should hire a dedicated Android coder from a technology partner who follows the above-mentioned tips. 

But how much it costs you to appoint them is discussed in the next section.

Cost to Hire Android Programmers

The rate for hiring developers may vary based on various factors. Here are some aspects that affect the cost of building an application that are mentioned below:

Number of Features

The number of specifications to be kept inside the solution decides the complexity level of an app to be created by developers. The cost will be higher if you want a significant quantity of attributes to be implemented in your application. So if cost is a consideration, keep only the required and unique features in your solution.

Coder’s Experience

Always hire a moderately experienced Android programmer to create your business platform. In addition, hiring a less experienced coder might result in more maintenance issues than if you hire a highly vetted and experienced coder.

Region of Development

The development area plays a key role in appointing Android programmers. The development rates vary according to different countries, are noted in the table below:

CountriesHourly Coder’s Fees(in USD)
Australia$80 – $115
India$30 – $60
Canada$50 – $85
Netherland$45 – $70
USA$55 – $90
Switzerland$75 – $100

As you can see, the cost of hiring Android developers varies greatly. In addition to those laid out in this article, there are a lot more factors that impact the costs of building software. As a start-up owner, you can avoid the hidden costs of app development by following

 some strategies to help prevent such fees from being charged on creating an application.

Bottom Line:

Because more and more people are using Android devices, there has been a huge rise in the use of Android solutions. If you hope to create your own Android app by hiring a coder, you must ensure that they are following specific tips. Along with hiring them, you can estimate and try to reduce the development costs by knowing the several factors affecting it mentioned in this post. If you follow all of these steps, you’ll be able to find the right Android programmers who can meet your project’s needs quickly, and at prices, you can afford.

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